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HID Pulse Start System

"Cortez Dionne" (2019-10-10)

HID Pulse Start System
Upgrade you current metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps to a pulse start system and save an average of 20% on your energy bill and take advantage of a faster warm-up and restrike, higher lumen per watt efficacy and superior lumen maintenance.

Lamps, light bulbs and ballast systems
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Parking lots
Gas station canopies
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Security lighting
Landscape lighting
High bay applications
Warehouse facilities
Key features
Longer life compared to traditional metal halide
Colour uniformity
Faster warm-up and restrike (60% less time)
Higher lumen per watt efficacy
Superior lumen maintenance
HID lamps are still the best choice for many high bay applications, and if you already have a metal halide system, pulse start lamps offer the ideal one-to-one retrofit. Simply upgrade the lamp and ballast to a pulse start system, and you will to see the benefits immediately.
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STANDARD’s PULSETEK pulse start system offers up to 2 times longer lamp life and improved lumen maintenance over traditional metal halide lamps; in addition, the uniform wall thickness and shape of the arc tubes ensure the lamps have identical thermal characteristics, which allows for consistent temperatures and colour from one lamp to another.
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Metal halide lamps are notorious for long restrike times; however, pulse start systems allow you to achieve hot restrike in up to 60 % less time, which is up to 400 % improvement over traditional metal halide.
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Furthermore, metal halide technology is not affected by temperature (compared to fluorescent lighting), which means that HID lamps will perform equally well and maintain light output in both cold and warm applications. Moreover, PULSETEK lamps offer reliable starting at extreme temperatures, down to -40°C, which is ideal for any outdoor or freezer application.
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The PULSETEK system offers a wide selection of energy saving retrofit solutions, allowing you to achieve equal or higher light levels while using less energy compared to traditional metal halide technology.
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