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Nintendo's SNES-style Switch controllers are now available

"Lorri Brunton" (2019-10-11)

-text c-gray-1" >Been pining for Nintendo's SNES-styled Switch controller ever since it was announced alongside the arrival of SNES games on the platform? You now have the chance to get them. Nintendo has started taking orders for the retro $30 gamepad, with the first orders shipping on September 18th. As with the NES pads, you can't just buy one out of curiosity. You'll have to be a Switch Online member to even consider a purchase, and you're limited to four units per account.

There's not much mystery to the design -- it's a mild modernization of the classic pastel-colored controller with a wireless connection and USB-C charging. That might be enough for some, mind you, and it might be appealing if you're more interested in faithfully recreating the SNES experience than including present-day bells and whistles.

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