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Which is more liquid stocks bonds? -

"Shellie Carneal" (2019-10-13)

Stocks are considered much more liquid than bonds. This is because stocks are riskier and the value of the stock is determined by the present market.

What is the meaning of funds mobilization?
Converting your bonds, stocks and liquid assets to cash

Difference between stocks and bonds?
stocks are stocks and bonds are bonds . flatout -ashes

To what extent are government stocks liquid?
Governments don't issue stock. They issue bonds.

What does it mean that stocks and bonds are relatively liquid?
the amount of income they can bring changes frequently

What is an example of liquid investments?
savings account U.S. savings bonds stocks money market accounts

What are liquid investments?
Anything that can be easily sold and turned to cash .... stocks, options, futures, bonds, etc.

Do corporations issue stocks and bonds?
They do in fact issue stocks and bonds.

Which is a riskier investment corporate bonds or technology stocks?
Tech Stocks will be generally more volatile and thus considered more risky.

What is the difference between stocks bonds and shares?
what is the difference between stocks,shares and bonds

Compare and contrast stocks and bonds as investment instruments?
Stocks are investments in individual companies. Bonds are investments in government agencies such as cities and municipalities. Stocks are generally riskier than bonds, but bonds have a lower yield.

What are liquid assets?
assets you can easily sell They are assets that can quickly turned into cash. Stocks, bonds and gold coins are liquid. A house or a race horse would be illiquid.

What are bonds and stock?
stocks are like investments ina company. Say for instance, you have stocks in a company (lets say mcdonalds for example). If the revenue was going great that year, then your stocks would be worth more that you bought them for. If they aren't your stocks may go down in value.. as for bonds.. I'm not quite sure. @above If you do not know the answer, don't reply at all Stocks and bonds are issued by...

What is stock exchange and what is stocks and bonds?
A stock exchange is a place where stocks are traded. Stocks are shares of a company. Bonds are like a loan to a company.

Will long term debt increase when you issue stocks and bonds?
When a company issues bonds, yes. Stocks, no.

What happens to stocks and bonds after the stockholder dies?
They become part of the deceased persons estate If the decedent had a will, the stocks and bonds pass on to the wills beneficiaries If there was no will, the state intestacy laws determine who gets the stocks and bonds

Are government agency bonds more liquid than municipal bonds?
No and Yes, Their are liquid and illiquid issues in both

Why buy bonds and not stock?
Bonds and stocks serve different purposes to the investor, and ideally you should buy both. Advantage of investment-grade bonds: the issuer is committed to paying you a stated amount of money on a stated date. The disadvantage is your return is limited to the agreed-on amount. Advantage of stocks: potentially unlimited return on your investment. The disadvantage is there are no guaranteed returns with stocks; you could potentially lose everything you invested in them. Speculative-grade...

Why are stocks and bonds sold?
The stocks and bonds are sold by the companies are due appreciation of capital funds to meet the additional requirments of companies.

Should you invest in stocks or bonds?
A balanced investment portfolio would include both stocks and bonds as well as cash and mutual fund. The mix would depend on your investment objectives and tolerence for risk. If you had to pick just one investment, it would depend on how liquid you want your funds and how much risk you are willing to take. Stocks are riskier and therefore give a higher expected return in the long term. Also it is important to...

What is another name for stocks and bonds?
Another word for Stocks is Equities; another word for Bonds is Fixed Income. Other words for stocks are shares, investments, and issue. Other words for bonds are sureties, securities, promise to pay, collateral, earnest, guaranty, and asset.

The purchase of stocks and bonds is?
buying on margin

What is a group of stocks bonds or money market securities from more than one group called?
Mutual funds

Why do people invest money in stocks bonds and mutual funds?
To get more money. You invest because you are seeking a return.

What happens to market value of a firm's stocks and bonds if the firm unexpectedly issued more stocks and bonds without simultaneously increasing its investments by a like amount?
All other things being equal, the per share value will drop because the capitalization has been diluted.

Study of stocks and bonds called?
It is called scripophily.

Who regulates stocks and bonds?
There is one government agency - Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and two Self Regulating Organizations (SROs) who mandate or administer regulations for stocks and bonds: NASD (They recently changed the name to FINRA) and MSRB. * SEC regulates stocks, treasury securities, and municipal bonds * FINRA administers regulations by SEC for Over The Counter stocks (e.g., the stocks traded on NASDQ). * MSRB administers regulations by SEC in relations to Municipal Stocks. * Corporate...

Which is better bonds or stocks?
If you are a medium to high risk investor then Stocks are good for you If you are a low to medium risk investor then Bonds are good for It all depends on how much of a risk you can take. By investing in stocks you may make profits but you may incur losses as well. But in case of bonds the profits might be less but they are assured.

How are liquid particles arranged compared to solid particles?
Liquid particles can nove around more than Solid particles they are in rows and have very strong bonds Liquid particles can nove around more than Solid particles they are in rows and have very strong bonds

What distinguishes stocks from bonds?
The only difference between the 2 is that a stock represents ownership and a bond is a long term debt. You will be paid via stocks but only receive interest from bonds.

What kind of personal property includes such items as stocks bonds and mortgages?
Intangible personal property includes stocks, bonds and mortgages. See the related question link provided below.

How do you find out if your deceased father had any stocks or bonds?
There are a few ways to find out of your deceased father had any stocks or bonds. The easiest way is to ask family members like your mom.

What books have helpful information on stocks and bonds?
"Everyone's Money Book, The bond book, and the Wallstreet Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investment are books that have good information on stocks and bonds."

Why do you choose stocks or bonds?
Both stocks and bonds are investment options available for us as an investor. What we choose depends on what we want. If you want high returns and are ready to take high risk - Go for Stocks If you are satisfied with meager returns like 10% or so and are not willing to take any major risks - Go for Bonds

Why do investors buy corporate bonds?
Most investors tends to buy corporate bonds cause its risky thus the rate of return are grater than those of government bonds most of the time, while bonds are much more safer than most stocks.

What is a term used to describe a group of stocks bonds or money market securities from more than one group?
Mutual funds.

What is one of the stable investments?
corporate stock, municipal stocks, U.S savings bonds, corporate bonds?

What is the basic difference between a stock and a bond?
1)stocks are in units, whereas bonds are for number of years. 2)stocks are the number of units for the companies whereas bonds can be for short or long term

What is better for retirement stocks or bonds?
If you're a long way from retirement, stocks (riskier) is probably better. As you get closer to retirement, high grade, short term bonds (less risky) are better.

Are stocks or bonds required for a corporation?
federal securities act

How do corporations raise money?
by selling bonds and issuing stocks...

What is another term used for stocks and bonds?
How about equities and debt.

Money gained from stocks and bonds is an example of what?
unearned income

What are the different types of securities?
Large-company common stocks. Small-company common stocks (small caps). Corporate bonds (Long-term). Government bonds (Long-term). Immediate-term government bonds. Treasury bills (T-bills) / Short-term government bonds.

Why does ice become liquid more easily then lead?
The bonds between water molecules in ice are weaker than the bonds in lead.

What advantages do stocks have over bonds?
Short answer for beginning investors: Bond is like money you loan to a company. In return, that company promises to pay you back with interest after a certain period of time. Advantages of bonds are: Less risk than stocks Payout is more stable but usually less in value then stocks When you buy a stock, you pay to own part of the company. Therefore, the money earned through stocks is directly affected by the performance...

Is online forex with stocks and bonds?
Foreign Exchange (Forex) buys and sells currencies, most of which include the U.S. dollar. Because they support OTC (over the counter) you are able to use stocks and bonds.

How is commodity futures trading different from investing in stocks and bonds?
Commodity futures trading is different from investing in stocks and bonds because it deals with natural resources like gold instead of businesses and companies.

What Country Day's had 155000. CDs pay 5.75 interest bonds 3 interest and stocks 6.8 interest. They invest 50000 more in bonds than in CDs. annual income investments is 7912.5. invested in each vehicl?
DC: 15000Bonds: 65000 Stocks: 75000.

Are ionic bonds strong in a liquid state?
Ionic bonds are not particularly strong in a liquid phase.

Should you turn over your bonds to stock?
The important difference for investors in regards to bonds and stocks is risk. Stocks are a more risky investment, and businessonblue as a result they can lead to both bigger gains and bigger losses. On the other hand, bonds are stable investments which consistently pay out. For an investor who might be younger or have greater disposable income or fewer liabilities, a greater percentage of stocks might be a better option. For someone seeking to retire...

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