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What gadgets do DragonForce use in their videos? -

"Tammy Willason" (2019-10-14)

If by gadgets you mean speed-enhancers, none

How do you put videos on a walkman?
It is impossible to have videos on a Walkman. The portable gadgets that can display videos are MP4 players and iPods. These can carry up to 64GB of music videos.

Where can you watch Dragonforce videos?
Youtube has many of their music videos. Otherwise, try Music Choice if you have Time-Warner cable. Another place is their official website

Is Dragonforce fake?
No there are many videos that show how they make albums and some showing some sweet live performances

How would you use 'gadgets' in a sentence?
He's become a victim of his own gadgets.

Why do men love gadgets?
They love gadgets they can figure out, especially gadgets women dont know how to use!

How many people are in Dragonforce?
There are currently 6 members of Dragonforce.

Is home cooked gadgets free of viruses?
I use a couple of gadgets from them and haven't had any problems.

Is dragonforce dead?
no DragonForce is still out there on there world tour for there album "Ultra Beatdown"

What brand of guitar does dragonforce use?
Ibanez. Both Herman and Sam have their signature model

When did Dragonforce form?
Dragonforce was established in 1999, and released their independent demo album in 2000.

What gadgets does Batman use?
the bat mobil

What was Dragonforce called before?
It was origanly called dragonheart but a band already had the name so they changed to dragonforce

What types of gadgets does I Google offer?
They offer a variety of gadgets for you to use! You can find gadgets for almost anything; list makers, calenders, calculators, games, news feeds, translation tools, and more.

Can Batman really fly?
Yes, but he has to use his gadgets!

What gadgets do MI5 agents use?
the mi5 work in ambligombo

What sort of gadgets does James Bond use?
The gadget kind...

Does dragonforce still live today?
Although Dragonforce is a band of six people - not one - yes. It is still around and making music.

Is dragonforce awsome?
there is only one thing to say HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dragonforce is the best band ever nothing comes close to it

Where did Dragonforce form?
London, England.

Disadvantages of using electronic gadgets?
they can get stolen and it can be very irritating when they are in use.

What gadgets do astronauts use in space?
why astronaut can move fast in space

On Club Penguin how do you use the phone?
You do not use the phone. You use it to teleport to places. And also other handy gadgets

Which band is a better band dragonforce or metallica?
Well I am just improving this answer Metallica what ever wierdo answered this question it is so Dragonforce i meen really they're the best!!!! Long live Dragonforce! P.S not Metallica. your joking right? ..Metallica is so better..

How long has dragonforce been a band?
DragonForce had formed in 1999 and are still playing now in 2009 so far they have been together for Group-News about 10 years.

How do you use gadget in window 7?
Simply Right Click anywhere on the desktop and you will have an option for "Gadgets" Select that and you will be able to choose from a bunch of different gadgets that show you information. There is even a "Get more gadgets online" option to get new ones directly from Microsoft's website

What easy thing or gadgets did Nancy drew use to her mysteries?
Her Magnifying Glass

How do you get into the secret spy laboratory on spy island?
get the agents gadgets and use the gogles

Who are dragon force?
Dragonforce are a rock band.

Does Dragonforce have a logo?
No, they dont have a logo currently

How is trend use in a sentence?
He was a real trend setter and always bought the latest gadgets. His friend always bucked the trend by deliberately buying old and outdated gadgets and making a virtue of it.

How do you use the disruptor in batman arkham city?
To use the disruptor in batman Arkham city you will have to upgrade. You can then use gadgets against firearms.

Types of gadgets?
There are several different types of gadgets that include kitchen gadgets like blenders. Electronic gadgets include tablets, digital cameras, and MP3 players.

How have computers and gadgets become common in people's daily lives?
Compters and gadgets became common place in people's daily lives gradually over the cource of years. As they were used more and more, they became more common and now almost everyone has a computer and the use of gadgets is commonplace.

Can Name a band that has 2 electric guitars?
Many bands use two guitars. Bullet fot my Valentine Slipknot Dragonforce The list goes on

What gadgets do spies use?
radio speed walkie talkie nets and lots more

How do you use sound waves in real life?
by using gadgets or other thing in music..

Is there any dragonforce songs on Guitar Hero World Tour for XBox 360 that you don't need to download?
no, there is not a dragonforce song on the disk set list. i am really ticked off, but also, there is (for the moment) no dragonforce downloads either...i really hope that they get some more of their songs up soon, but for now, there are none.....

Where can one purchase cheap computer gadgets?
you can purchase cheap computer gadgets on ebay. you can also use craigslist to find cheap stuff. or you can go to yard sales and stuff like that. that is all

Where can one find gadgets to use on their Google homepage?
When you view your Google homepage, you can click on the upper right hand corner to see a list of Google gadgets you can add. This search can be narrowed to what you want.

Effect of gadgets on students' thinking capability?
in studies.... gadgets can destruct our studies and our grades. Gadgets can help in our studies by searching it in the google. Gadgets can make our life easier.

How does dragonforce do that insane music?
Talent and a lot of practise.

Who is the drummer for dragonforce?
Dave Mackintosh is the current drummer

How tall is Herman li from dragonforce?
5'11 (180cm)

Who is the drmmer for dragonforce?
Dave Mackintosh is the current drummer

Did dragonforce write the Pokemon theme song?
definitely not

Is there going to be a Guitar Hero dragonforce?
I have no idea .......I am clueless

Is Dragonforce A progressive metal band?
i think so

What phones use gorilla glass?
Now it is use in almost each electronic gadgets, like smartphones, laptops,etc.

What do profession of making gadgets is called?
If you are figuring out new gadgets to make, you are an inventor. If you are producing gadgets for sale, that is called manufacturing.

How many CD's have DragonForce released?
Up until now, DragonForce has released 5 albums: Valley of the Damned Sonic Firestorm Inhuman Rampage Ultra Beatdown Twilight Dementia

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