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Sexuality In Politics

"Weldon Threlfall" (2019-10-14)

The glass ceiling against the rise of women into positions of power have seen many great brains kept back from excelling to their full extent. In recent times women, like Helen Clark, the ex-Prime Minister of New Zealand, have put themselves forward for the role of United Nations Secretary General. There has never been a woman in this position and it is not surprising that they were defeated. Men have such prejudicial views against women and the number of them who select the successful candidate for this position must play a role in who they elect. The Security Council recommends a candidate as worthy to the General Assembly who then vote on it. The first is made up of primarily the five victors of WWII, they being Russia, Germany, France, England, and the USA who are the permanent members. Ten non-permanent members are then appointed to serve 2 year terms.

This gives an overall number of 15 members. In 2016-2017 the latter comprised delegates from the following nations: Bolivia; Egypt; Ethiopia; Italy; Japan; Kazakhstan; Senegal; Sweden; Ukraine; and Uruguay. One must question the prejudice of many of these nations against women in leadership roles. The predominantly Muslim and Catholic countries would have to be counted as among them. In local politics the problem remains just as potent an issue. In Australia the recent Labour government tried to lift the glass ceiling by issuing quotas to ensure that some 50% of its members are women. That, however, is not the same in the Liberal Party where the Prime Minister has only 3 female members in his cabinet. The sexuality in politics is another example of how religion rules the world, as the majority of Liberal members are advocates of either Catholicism or the prejudice of their upbringing. As part of my research the role of religion was a strong focus as it all started from Babylon, the home of Islam. How this has played out in the Word Order and the maintaining of the Establishment is part of the role of the one dubbed 666. He was Islamic and of the Amor, the people who built Roma (reverse Amor). He laid out the rules for the economy, the law, and rights of inheritance. His impact has survived because of the religions that are protected by the laws he laid down. Governments will continue to be ruled by them as long as they survive. That means no one will or can break the glass ceiling against women while sexuality play a part in refusing them high office.

Democratic appropriations leaders wrote to the Office of Management and Budget Friday objecting to a decision to limit agencies’ reporting of alleged budget violations, which they said is an attempt to weaken congressional oversight. The letter from House Appropriations Chairwoman Nita M. Lowey, D-N.Y., and Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., the ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, follows a General Accountability Office opinion that suggests the new procedure violates the law. In the Sept. 23 opinion, GAO General Counsel Thomas H. Armstrong wrote that OMB in June amended its procedures in what is called Circular No. A-11 to end agencies’ automatic reporting of alleged violations of the Antideficiency Act. The act bars federal agencies from spending money beyond what is appropriated by Congress. Under the new procedure, OMB instructs agencies to report alleged violations only if the agency, in consultation with OMB, agrees that a violation has occurred. In the past, OMB directed agencies to report violations found by GAO "even if they disagreed with GAO’s determination," GAO said. GAO said the law requires agencies immediately to report Antideficiency Act violations to the President and Congress. "The Antideficiency Act serves to protect and underscore Congress’s constitutional prerogatives of the purse," GAO says.

The hospital I was born in got hit by ransomware a couple years ago, 2017 I think around this time. They were down for like an entire week, reverted back to paper charts. It was a huge mess. FBI got involved, eventually they told the hospital to pay the ransom..or start rebuilding their network. The insurance company paid out and they got their hospital servers and network back. For those that don't know, ransomware is a type of virus that encrypts your hard drive and makes it boot to a screen with a lock or similar. With the drive encrypted, you can't get any data off it, and the only way to decrypt it is with the key which may as well be impossible to guess. Whatever you had on that drive is now useless and unreadable unless decrypted. They got everything back once they paid the ransom, but man. I remember seeing it in a couple national news sources, and it's routinely used as an example in the IT community (I work in IT). Make sure your back ups work. Recovering from ransomware is very easy if you have working backups and changes downtime from days to hours.

Effects of five types of nonionic surfactant having a polyoxyethylene glycol (POG) group on enzymatic hydrolysis of used newspaper were studied. The surfactants examined in this work always enhanced the saccharification. The optimum surfactant concentration was 0.05% (wt/substrate wt) in the case of POG(21) sorbitane oleic ester. Among the surfactants, POG phenyl ether types showed the highest enhancement effect, for example, with two times higher conversion at 80 h than that without surfactant. Using POG nonylphenyl ether series, the effects of surfactant were considered from the point of the HLB (hydrophile-lypophile balance) value. The GFC (gel filtration chromatography) analysis of free enzyme quantity were also done to study the effect of surfactant on enzyme adsorption onto substrate. As the HLB value increased, the free enzyme quantity and the conversion both increased. It appears that surfactants help the enzyme to desorb from the binding site on the substrate surface after the completion of saccharification at that site.