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What Type Of Congress Created The Constitution

"Genia Levien" (2019-10-14)

What courts are created by the US Constitution and by the US Congress? All US federal courts were created by Congress; the Constitution required Congress to establish the Supreme Court. Under which article of the Constitution is Congress created? Congress is created under the First Article of the Constitution, which is designated to provide the guidelines for the Legislature. Why do you suppose the framers of the constitution created a congress that meets for a team for two years? What established the United states congress? The U.S. Congress was created by the United States Constitution. Article I of the Constitution creates a Congress consisting of a Senate and a House of Representatives. What type of elections are regulated by the constitution? The election of members of congress. What type of system of government was created by the constitution? The type of system of government that was created by the Constitution is Representative Democracy. What type of congress created the articles of confederation? Answer The second Continental Congress If you mean what type of congress was the articles of confederation, it was a unicameral congress.

Which article of the constitution created congress? The Congress of the United States was created by the US Constitution. It had its first session in 1789 after the initial elections. When were the two houses of congress created? Congress was created by the US constitution, which was adopted by the original 13 states in the late 18th century, just after the Revolutionary War. In Article 3 in addition to the inferior courts that would be created by Congress where did the Constitution vest the judicial power of the US? In addition to the inferior courts that would be created by Congress the Constitution vest the judicial power of the US in the Supreme Court. Which type of constitutional power allows Congress to declare war? Expressed power of the Constitution. What type of courts does congress create? Are congress and constitution the same? No Congress is a Gov't body, Constitution is a document.

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