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How Does Politics Work?

"Susie Winchester" (2019-10-14)

The politics of hockey can be a daunting task for the players and parents. If you don't know how this system works, you'll be doomed to possibly fail in accessing the proper roads to success in the sport of hockey. Players usually assume that if they're good, they'll be able to achieve whatever level they want in hockey. Even the parents of hockey players tend to get so emotionally involved regarding this kids success, they also assume that if their kid is a good player that he will be picked on every team that he tries for. The truth is there has to be some politics that have to be done to ensure the player will have the proper access to all of the right opportunities whenever they present themselves. Parents need to align themselves almost as a Public Relations coach to ensure that all of the opportunities for their kid will come to reality at the right time and place. It doesn't matter if things are right or wrong!

Let me explain the above statement. Even if you're right in a certain situation then you might not be successful on the basis that you're right. Also if you're wrong, you can at times play the proper politics and public relations to enable your child to access the opportunities even through he might not be at the proper level. 1. Know who the coach is and find out what he likes and dislikes as soon as possible. This can be done by just having some conversations with him or her. Make sure you focus all your time and energy on the coach and not on your child's accomplishments. You want to find out everything that you can in order to possibly pinpoint some key information that might give you indications on what needs to be said and done in the future. 2. Align yourself with the decision makers so you can know and support their opinions and to find out what they like. Once you know what they like then you can start to align your child's talents and abilities in order to showcase them to these decision makers in an indirect way. Make sure these decision makers like you and to always focus on them and not talk about your child's abilities till you have them on your side.

The Reality: The director of national intelligence, CIA, FBI, NSA, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, numerous congressional committees and private cyber security companies affirm that Russia hacked the DNC as part of a sweeping plot to interfere in the 2016 elections. Trump, on the other hand, has openly questioned the U.S. ’s unambiguous conclusions, most notably while standing immediately next to Russian President Putin. Moreover, the FBI was satisfied with the forensic data that it received from CrowdStrike, the IT security firm that analyzed the DNC’s servers. In his call with the Ukrainian president, Trump peddled the widely debunked conspiracy theory that CrowdStrike is linked to the Ukrainian government or to Ukrainian "wealthy people." CrowdStrike is an American company based in Sunnyvale, California. 6: Whistleblower reporting requirements were altered to accommodate allegations of wrongdoing by Trump. The Reality: The intelligence community inspector general (a Trump appointee) has forcefully rejected such claims. The reporting form and guidelines have not been altered since mid-2018, a full year before Trump corruptly sought to persuade his Ukrainian counterpart to open a corruption investigation into his chief political rival in the 2020 presidential election.

7: In suddenly halting years of military aid to Ukraine shortly before asking the Ukrainian president for a political "favor," Trump claimed that Europe was not contributing enough resources to support the Ukrainian government. 16 billion in aid to Ukraine since 2014. By comparison, the U.S. 1.5 billion in security assistance over the same period. 8: Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) lied to Congress and to the American public in an opening statement on the whistleblower allegations (and should be arrested for treason for doing so). The Reality: Schiff, a former federal prosecutor, parodied the call to illustrate how Trump improperly pressured the president of Ukraine to investigate Vice President Biden’s son for Trump’s political gain. 9: The whistleblower’s allegations of corruption by President Trump have no merit because they were not witnessed first-hand. The Reality: Not only is "first-hand" knowledge not required by law, the whistleblower’s allegations of corruption by Trump are in perfect alignment with the evidence released to date. The litany of conspiracy theories outlined above presents a true threat to the United States. For one, President Trump’s embrace of such absurd narratives allows Vladimir Putin to realize peak return on investment in his gamble to sow political and social discord in the U.S. Equally damaging is the GOP’s stalwart defense of Trump in the face of such indefensibly bogus claims. As Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) aptly noted, continued Republican cover of Trump in light of the objective truth lays bare the lengths to which Republicans will go to "preserve" and "maintain" their power.