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No News Is The Best News For Self-confidence

"Sherlyn Alcock" (2019-10-14)

Take your pulse and if you can, your blood pressure. Now watch the evening news. At the first commercial take your pulse and BP again. If you are watching national news I will bet both numbers went up and may continue to rise for the entire show. Why is that and is that good for us? Without seeing the evening news what do you think the top stories are going to be? Depending on when you read this, likely how many people where killed somewhere. Death tolls from the smallest village in Africa to downtown Miami. Aside from how useless that information is to anyone what does it do to us? Normally is injects adrenaline into our body, that's the fight, flight or freeze chemical you hear people talking about. So what's the big deal about that? It creates either anger, fear or uncertainty and these things all affect our self confidence. There are a few things a person can do to radically improve their lives and throwing the TV away is a top one. Of course what is actually happening in society today is every room has a TV in it!

Some homes have it in the bathroom and kitchen. People will claim that they need to be informed, "I just have to know what is going on out there." Really? Have you seen the study about how the weekend NY Times newspaper has more information in it, than someone living 200 years ago would get in his or her entire life! Imagine what a couple of days on the Internet can teach a person. There is so much news that has no real effect on your life, while tragic I doubt many of us are better informed when we learn some people died in a bus crash 5000 miles away. Or there are riots in a country we have never heard of before nor are likely to visit. The real challenge is after listening to these events do you feel better about yourself, or is the world going to fall apart? I have read a letter about how the youth of today are terrible and going to poison our future. I thought it was written yesterday but it was written over two thousand years ago. Do a test, take notes morning, noon and night about how you feel emotionally, how is your self-confidence. Then do not watch or read any news for two weeks and in the second week take notes about how you feel as you did before. You will find some interesting differences. You can go one step farther by eliminating most in not all TV. Do not worry about missing anything important. If something really big happens everyone around you will let you know.

Thousands of Hispanics did not do a dog walking demonstration near Taco Bell for Adkins! Where are Daniel's protests? He did not need any protesters. His family relied on God and the justice system instead of protesters and the social system. Justice is best served on the knees in as house rather than in the street with a hoodie on. In My Own Backyard! I cannot say that I am not hurt by this event. It happened in my neighborhood, a middle-class neighborhood. I patronize that very Taco Bell. I shop at the stores in that area. My children and my wife live here! I would never have thought that one of my neighbors would kill a person over an argument in front of a Taco Bell! It sounds like the punchline of a horrible joke--one I am not willing to hear but has been forced upon me! Does it matter that the shooter is Black?

It does not. Does it matter that Adkins is Hispanic, or should I say White Hispanic--or he was before his life was taken? No, it does not. Does it matter that Trayvon was Black? That is the real issue. It is okay if it happens to other people, just not a Black person, right? Double standard is the rule here! Have we changed from the days where if you have one drop of White blood in you it does not matter, you're not white? The opposite is true if you are not Black, right? Zimmerman is White because his name is from his father, right? The fact that he looks like the average Hector Sanchez (John Smith) does not come into play. Because of this man of Latino heritage by appearance at least, has one White parent, it becomes a Black verses White issue? My heart is dark America. I feel the tears hot in the back of my sockets trying to appear as I type.

I am so hurt by all of this tension in the Black communities and the double standards for justice in America socially and judicially. I feel I have to defend the White people against Black fueled racism! It is not OUR turn to be racists bigots who lynch! When will we learn? Jude had the ability to flee, being in a car. He chose to "stand his ground" and kill a man. Was it necessary for Adkins to die because he took a swing at the man with no evidence the blow made a connection? No, it was a choice. If anything, Daniel was standing his ground after being attacked with a vehicle. The Maricopa County Police Department has completed its job. The family has refuted accusations that this incident was racially motivated and expresses concern that neighbors are speaking of the incident in such terms. The family wants justice. Jude made a terrible miscalculation that ended the life of a fellow Arizonian. I would like to believe that the justice system is weighing the case of this incident very cautiously because two human lives are directly involved in the outcome. One, Daniel Adkins Jr., is already lost.