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660,009,425 or a 3 percent increase. 19.3 million increase from last year’s budget. 1 billion and double the increase of virtually every other area of the budget. "There is no greater investment in our future than support for education. Giving our children the best education possible empowers them to achieve and contribute in ways that enrich their lives and the success of our state. That is why increasing support for schools in my district has consistently been a top priority. "Even in this difficult budget year, Senate Republicans fought hard to secure another significant increase in school aid because we know that when it comes to our children’s future we can’t compromise. The Senate advanced an ambitious education agenda that drove substantial investments into flexible Foundation Aid, boosting resources for high-need districts such as mine. The Senate also successfully fought the Executive's proposal to cut transportation aid, BOCES aid, building aid and summer school special education. Every district I represent will receive a Foundation Aid increase of at least 1.9 percent. "Children in our rural schools deserve the same educational opportunities and resources that larger suburban districts offer. The funding in this budget will help make further strides in closing that gap. Our children are our future and they must receive the best learning opportunities possible," said Senator Young.

It's interesting to note that the lights have been described almost exactly the same way for hundreds of years. People in the area quite often drive to the pull overs on the Blue Ridge Parkway to try to catch a glimpse of the Brown Mountain Lights. And over the years many paranormal investigators have traveled to the area to try to figure out exactly what the Brown Mountain Lights are. Many people including myself have been able to catch the lights on photographs.There is no doubt about it that the lights are real. I have stood in several different locations and watched the lights over Brown Mountain and I don't think they are any type of reflection or swamp gas. I have seen the lights appear in various areas up over the mountain and disappear in different locations. I don't see how they could possibly be any type of naturally occurring lights such as swamp gas. There are no swamps in the area and quite often the lights appear and seem to be chasing each other.

At times it even seems like the lights are living beings. It is a historical fact that the Catawba and the Cherokee both lived in this area but mostly at different times. The Cherokee were for the most part a peace loving farming people but the Catawba were known to fight their Iroquois neighbors to the north. So there is a possibility that the Catawba and the Iroquois could have fought a battle at or near Brown Mountain. Farmers in nearby areas have over the years plowed up huge amounts of arrowheads so there is the possibility that a large battle was fought in or near this area. And anywhere that you have great tragedy you often have paranormal activity. Maybe the Brown Mountain Lights are American Indian spirits chasing each other. Will We Ever Know For Sure What The Brown Mountain Lights Are? We may never know for sure what the Brown Mountain Lights are but there is one thing for sure.

If you travel up to the pull offs on the Blue Ridge Parkway that overlook Brown Mountain often enough I believe you will eventually see the lights and from that moment on you'll always wonder what you saw. I first saw the lights for the first time when I was 12 years old just about 50 years ago and I have seen them several times since. And I have always wondered what they really are. Why do some people go time and time again and never see the lights while other people will see them almost every time they go to the area. Brown Mountain Lights Were On The X Files. Did you know that there was even a X Files episode about the Brown Mountain Lights. The episode about the Brown Mountain Lights was called, " The Field Trip " and it originally aired on May 9, 1999. But not even the X Files were able to explain the Brown Mountain Lights. I hope you have enjoyed reading my Hub Page on the Brown Mountain lights and I hope you'll post a comment below. Be Sure To Read All My Hub Pages On Paranormal Activity.