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"Adolfo Harter" (2019-10-15)

Jose Castro is an up-coming Latin Artists singer and a writer. He is proud to announce his new single song release entitle "IT IS TRUE Salsa" a romantic salsa song. Mr. Castro has a strong passion for music and he continued to put a lot of hard work into his productions.

Jose Castro has been singing or over 10 years he is talented is moving the hearts of many people with his inspirational lyrics and music. He is the oldest son and brother to a close-knit family of five children. He was brought up in the Gospel of Christ by his family and has adapted a blessing of knowledge and wisdom. He also has a love for creating movies. He graduated from Hunter College with a B.A. in Media Communications in 1994. He produced several independent films and television programs on cable TV.

JC Suave has articles written up on him in the Japanese magazine Cultural Broadcast about his cable TV program, and The Spiritual Herald newspaper about some of his Latin gospel singers he promoted on Cable TV.

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