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Does head and shoulders cause hair loss? -

"Una Mackaness" (2019-10-15)

articalizeYes it is nown to cause hairloss. If you have dandruff there are other more natural way of treating it. I've been affected by this shampoo only after 2 months of using.

Can athletes feet cause hair loss?
Not unless you have it on your head.

Can water cause hair loss?
Only if you wash your head with a pressure washer.

Does dilantin cause hair loss?
Can dilantin or its generic phenytoin cause hair loss. I know that Dilantin can cause excessive hair growth in women but what about hair loss. Also can statin drugs cause hair loss.

Can chlamydia cause hair loss?
Chlamydia will not cause hair loss.

Does nifedipin cause hair loss?
No nifedipine does not cause hair loss.

Can trichomoniasis cause hair loss?
Trichomoniasis does not cause hair loss.

Can anesthesia cause hair loss?
I think it will not cause hair loss.

Can a hard hit on the head cause hair loss in that area?
If you have scar tissue then yes.

Can inderal la cause you to loss your hair?
Yes it cause hair loss.

Does dehydration cause hair loss?
Yes, dehydration can cause hair loss

Does velcade cause hair loss?
Velcade can cause hair loss, since it is a cancer drug, it may lead to hair loss.

What medications can cause hair loss?
the medications that can cause hair loss is what your hair does not need and also it is the treatment that you give to your hair ....

Prozac and hair loss?
anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, or unwanted head feelings are the side effects of prozac, but not hair loss. If it has happened it should be for another cause.

Which medications cause hair loss?
Cancer medications cause severe hair loss.

Does cervical cancer cause hair loss?
can cervical cancer cause hair loss

Can toenail fungus cause hair loss?
No, toenail fungus can not cause hair loss.

Does Trimspa cause hair loss?
Trimspa leads to dryness in hair, which can lead to hair loss. However, it varies from person to person but yes, it can cause hair loss.

Why is head and shoulders bad for hair?
I would say its bad because it has lots of chemicals that will damage your hair. If you start using it, you will have some hair loss and not that much dandruff...BUT if you stop using it, you will get MORE dandruff than you expected. there must be some chemical that does that to your hair..

Does stress cause hair loss?
Yes, excessive stress may cause the loss of hair.

Can dandruff be the cause of hair loss?
No, but it is a side effect of a dry scalp, and THAT is a cause of hair loss.

Can a latex pillow cause hair loss?
yes it can but it can onley cause hair loss if you sleep incorrectley

Can steroidal injections cause hair loss?
Not usually, steroidal injections do not typically cause hair loss. Below is a link to a list of medications that are known and have been reported by their manufacturers to cause hair loss.

Does low iron cause hair loss?
Yes, low iron can cause hair loss. There are many other things which can cause hair loss including thyroid disease, medication, and protein deficiency.

Does rheumatoid arthritis cause head hair loss?
No although some of the drugs used to treat it may have that effect.

Does RA cause your hair to come out?
I Have had problems with RA for most of my Life especially my adult life and have had no problems at all with hair loss. As a matter of fact I have a very good head of hair still at age 62. There is a side effect to one of the treatments, used with RA, "Methatrexate" that is said to cause hair loss.

Can hand sanitizer cause hair loss?
It probably would not cause hair loss but i would not try to put it in your hair because it is for hands. :)

Does lead cause hair loss?
Yes lead causes hair loss.

Do hair products cause hair loss?
Hair products do not cause hair loss, but they can dry out the hair if they contain high levels of alcohol. Some cause hair color fading as well. This is why it is important to purchase professional products.

Can HIV cause hair loss?
Yes HIV can cause hair loss. So can the cocktails they give you for treating Aids.

Do all forms of chemotherapy cause hair loss?
Not all forms of chemotherapy can cause hair loss. Many have the potential for hair loss, but it is not a guaranteed side effect. For example, there are two kinds of chemotherapy, Aromasin and Tamoxifan. they are both pill form of chemotherapy and do not normally cause hair loss.

What med causes hair loss?
Many Cancer treatments cause hair loss.

What is the best hair loss shampoo?
Someone said Elvive, but I disagree. First, if you are losing your hair because of male pattern baldness, shampoo won't really help. The hair you have might look better, but it's not preventing hair loss itself. Clinically speaking, the only one proven to prevent hair loss is either a.) shampoos that affect hormones on your head or b.) Nizoral. Second, I think biotin and keratin shampoos out perform Elvive. I tried Elvive, it did nothing...

What would cause patchy facial hair loss?
Many things can cause hair loss, but one in particular is a thyroid problem.

Can excessive exercise cause hair loss?
Excessive exercise will not cause hair loss unless it causes a hormonal imbalance. Excessive exercise associated with weight loss can create a nutritional deficiency, which could trigger hair loss.

What causes hair loss and itching in a cat?
Fleas may cause itching or hair loss in cats. Also ticks or other bugs may cause hair loss. Either that or your cat may have a skin disease or infection that can cause hair loss and itching in your feline friend. Take it to the vet if it gets worse.

Can herpes cause hair loss?
Herpes can under extreme cases cause hair loss. This is because it can spread to the skin of the scalp and irritate it.

Can alcohol hurt hair?
It could cause hair loss.

Can mixing of hair sprays cause hair loss?
no it cannot

Can loss of consciousness lead to loss of memory?
It depends upon whether they hit their head or not. A bump to the head can cause memory loss. Another cause of memory loss is stress or anxiety.

What is the drug Aminexil used for?
Aminexil is a drug that is used to help hair. It helps prevent hair loss and encourage new hair loss. This is usually used to target hair loss on the head of a person.

What disease causes hair loss?
Many diseases cause hair loss because hair can fall out when the body isn't healthy. Specifically I know eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia) definitely cause it. Also auto-immune diseases like Lupus and Fibromyalgia can often cause hair loss.

Does The loss of about 100 hairs per day from one's head is considered normal hair loss?
yes it considers as normal hair loss,but also check the hair loss causes if you feels that your hairs loss is increases from this limit.

What medications cause hair loss?
One of the most common medications that causes hair loss is chemotherapy drugs.

Does mousse cause hair loss?
yes, it does because its is close to the roots and no air gets into and causes hair loss

Can water softener salt cause hair loss?
Water softener salt can indeed be a cause of hair loss. This is especially true if someone has sensitive skin.

Can cancer cause hair loss?
The Cancer itself doesn't usually cause hair loss. It's usually related to the treatment (chemotherapy) as well as stress.

What was the greatest cause of deaths among shoulders on both sides during the civil war?
If you mean SOLDIERS not "shoulders" the greatest cause of death was disease, infection and articalize loss of blood due to inadequate care

Is hair loss linked to hair length?
Of course not, there is no direct correlation. There is no connections with hair length. Hair loss can cause by Stress, Genetics and Improper diet.

Does fleas on cats usually cause hair loss?
Fleas themselves do not cause hair-loss. Rather, if the cat is infested, its continued scratching is the most likely culprit. If the hair-loss is extreme, however, another cause might be sarcoptic mange. In addition, there are several dermatological afflictions that can cause hair loss. Your veterinarian can tell you if your pet is simply flea-bitten or suffering from a more serious condition.

What are the causes of hair loss?
Some of the causes of hair loss can be either genetic or allergy related. Those with hair loss may have a genetic deficiency that causes them to lose their hair. Another cause of hair loss can be severe or chronic allergies, specifically eczema.

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