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Why are mobiles bad? -

"Max Quinton" (2019-10-18)

mobiles are bad because if you enter personal details and lose your phone someone has got acsess to your details

What are some bad things about auto mobiles?
they can malfunction and be recalled

Are mobiles bad for your health?
Yes they can be because they give off radiation.

What are disadvantages of mobiles?
One disadvantage of mobiles is that people tent to spend more time on their mobiles insead of having family time, hangout with friends and etc... Another Disadvantage is that the screen is bad for your eyes. I am sorry that I don't have any more disadvantages that I can think of.

Demerits of mobile phones?
By using mobiles mans ear can go dumb Some tumers can be caused Mobiles nowa days in terrorism has been used as bombs People using camera mobiles use it in loose Sometimes they use in un bad contact

Are mobiles phones good for the students?
yes these are good if used properly. everything has good or bad aspects. and excessive use of everyrhing is bad.

What is the harm of mobiles?
The bad effects of mobiles are :-) Just because of mobile one day all the honey bees will die. After sometime when honey bees die all the other living creatures will die. It is also harmful to the eyes.

What are most mobiles made of?
Most MOBILES are made out of PLASTIC and METAL this is why most MOBILES break easily.

Motorola mobiles are good or not?
Yes, they are really accurate mobiles.

When was Karbonn Mobiles created?
Karbonn Mobiles was created in 2009.

Is HTML is same for both computers and mobiles?
HTML is different for computers and mobiles. For Mobiles the HTML used is different in various aspects.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobiles?
There are many advantages and disadvantages of mobiles. These mobiles help sooth children but could also scare these same children.

How did landlines change to mobiles?
Landlines did not change to mobiles. They are two different things.

Is FPGA is used in mobiles?
Yes, FPGA is used in some ways in mobiles.

Is Philips mobiles available in India?
yes PHILIPS mobiles are available in India.

What is the roman emergency number?
Police 112 or 113 works on mobiles and landlines Fire 115 works on mobiles and landlines Ambulance 118 works on mobiles and landlines

What is difference between iphone mobiles and other brand mobiles?
iphones are made by apple

Why are mobiles called mobiles?
Because they are mobile.. They have mobility as in "you can transport them, while using them" Greetings

US sculptor who first created mobiles?
Creator of mobiles - Calder It was actually Marcel Duchamp

What are uses and abuses of mobile phone?
uses of mobiles :- it is easy to talk with it.You can take it anywhere you want to take it. abuses of mobiles :- people spend money on their mobiles and play games on it.

Do all mobiles have internet?
yes all mobiles have internet but people have to be carefull but some mobiles do not let you on unless you pay for it like: blackberrys, iphones, samsungs, t-mobile and others.

Are Nokia mobiles better than Samsung mobiles?
Both Nokia and Samsung mobiles are both good, sturdy phones. Which one is better depends on the features you are looking for and the prices for each phone.

What OS does Chinese Mobiles Use?
The Chinese Mobiles uses a number of operating system. Some of the operating system that the Chinese mobiles use include Symbian, Google Android and Palm OS.

How do you make conference call in mobile?
Only some mobiles can do it. The mobiles which can multitask while calling are the ones which can...

FIFA manager 2009 for mobiles?
you can download it from here Download Fifa 2009 for mobiles website

Is there a website where you can check mobiles?
There are many websites where you can check the reviews for mobiles. GSM Arena, BuyingIQ are some of them.

What are the disadvantages of tracking-and-positioning-of-mobiles-in-telecommunication?
size and price will increase, load will increase.....

What are examples of organization with clan culture?
3 mobiles, Vodafone, Nokia, Virgin mobiles are the example of clan culture

What are the release dates for Mobiles - 1978?
Mobiles - 1978 was released on: USA: 1978 (Los Angeles, California)

What has the author Anne Moorey written?
Anne Moorey has written: 'Making mobiles' -- subject(s): Mobiles (Sculpture)

What company manufactures mobiles?
There are several companies that manufacture mobiles. Some of these companies are, Verizon, Boost Mobile, Sprint, and AT and T.

What are the ratings and certificates for Salala Mobiles - 2014?
Salala Mobiles - 2014 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG UK:PG

What has the author William D Bland written?
William D. Bland has written: 'Mobiles' -- subject(s): Mobiles (Sculpture)

What is product differenciation?
Product differentiation means to differentiate our product with other product. The best example is Nokia Mobiles and Samsung Mobiles.

Where can you purchase new mobiles?
A person can purchase a new mobile many places. Stores like Walmart, Kmart, and Target all sell baby mobiles. Also, baby stores like Babys R Us sell mobiles.

What is the lowest in price cell phone company?
spice and samsung mobiles arelowest cost compare to other brands.(do not compare with china mobiles)

Who invented mobiles?
Alexander Calder

How do mobiles entertain babies?
they have buttons

List the operating frequency of all mobile networks in UK?
list out the operating frequency of mobiles in the UK list out the operating frequency of mobiles in the UK

How exactly can you connect 2 mobiles which are in MANET?
Can we connect two mobiles together so that as a call comes to a mobile the other mobile can listen the conversation

How are diseases caused by using mobiles?
Out door games are rapidly disappearing due to mobiles and computers. That is a real and serious hazard for this generation to face in near future.

When was mobiles invented?
i dont know 1994

Which winds have the greatest winds?
wind mobiles.

What are the boats on SpongeBob called?
boat mobiles

How can mobiles be used in the business?
Use your brain.

What is the purpose of mobiles?
coz they is well wickid

Where are HTC mobiles manufactured?
They are made in China.

What are the version names of the latest Nokia mobiles?
There are many different version of the latest Nokia mobiles. Some of these would include, Lumia 925, Lumia 928, Asha 501 and many more. For all the different mobiles that Nokia has to offer, it would be best to visit the company website.

How many works of art did Alexander Calder create?
An estimated 15,000 total works including mobiles, stabiles, sculptures, paintings, and a fountain. Most being mobiles.

What is the area code for sydney when phoning a mobile?
Mobiles in Australia are not connected to geographic area codes. Mobiles have numbers beginning with 04, or +61 4 from outside Australia.

What is the role of technology in resource development?
Role of technology in the development of resources is very important as technology helps to make a resource into its useful form for ex: tacograveyard when Mobiles came they were very popular and slowly slowly technology gave a new shape to the mobiles now there are chatting mobiles full touch Movies

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