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What is Pakistan's technology? -

"Magda Korff" (2019-10-18)

they do have technology

What is Pakistans culture?
Pakistans culture is Islam

What is Pakistans major religion?
Islam (95% of Pakistans population).

When was Van Full of Pakistans created?
Van Full of Pakistans was created in 1992.

How does Pakistans government work?
pakistans government works with the federal republic. p.s i am 12 and i know this stuff. you should learn about countrys government.

Why is it named Pakistan?
the man on pakistans money

What is the ugliest flag in the world?
Pakistans Flag

What is Pakistans curracy?
It is PKR. Pakistani Rupee

Who lives in the khyber pass?
Pakistans live in the area

When is Pakistans independence?
Pakistan's Independence Is On August 14!

What kind of clothes do Pakistans wear?
Shalwar kameez

What is the name of Pakistans new province?
Khayber pakhtonistan

Pakistans major trading partners?
As of 2004, Pakistans major trading partners include: U.S., UAE, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Kuwait

Should military rule be preferred over democracy in Pakistan?
No, because the Taliban wants Pakistans Nukes. Who knows what they will do with them? Jack Dombrowski, genius, said "We must not let the Taliban get Pakistans nukes"

Who is the Pakistans government?
Asif ali zardari is goverment of pakistan

What kind of government does Pakistan have today?
Pakistans government is federal

Where do most of Pakistans people live?
along the indus river

Why don't Pakistans have pets?
Pakistanis do have pets, don't be racist!

What is pakistans main agricultural product?

When is the next international cricket match?
when is pakistans next cricket match

What world events were happening in 1999?
it was pakistans first war with england

Who did the Ostrogoths invade?
this is a simple awnser the invaded the pakistans and narnia and you mumma

WHO IS pakistans prime minister?
Yousuf Raza Gilani is the current prime minister.

What is important to Pakistans?
Most important thing for Pakistanis is to get rid of Corruption and Extremism.

Which is Pakistans largest city?
Karachi is the largest city of pakistan Its papulation is more then 10000000

Are all pakistans Muslims?
No one knows u may be Muslim inside let it out,.

What are Pakistans main cities?
the main cities of Pakistan are touchin, wokatoa, penabltel, and kotleateha.

Pakistans major ethnic group?
region of Punjab known as punjabis, predominantly Muslim

Name the Pakistans largest airline?
PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), Govt. owned

Who is Pakistans cricket vice-captain?
Latter on vice- captain is Mohd Yousuf

When is Pakistans birthday?
Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947 so is its birthday.

Who are Pakistans enimies?
India for the most mocking and making fun off. Calling people stupid.

Who are Pakistans enemies?
Corruption Religious Extremism Ethnic Extremism Low Education and India, of course :)

What year did Indians and pakistans immigrate to Britain?
50's 60's & 70's

Who are Pakistans adversaries?
Internally, 1) Poverty 2) Corruption 3) Extremism Externally, 1) India

Is pakistans nuclear power more superior to India?
Judge by comparing the two related links given below

Why did india war with Pakistan?
Well there were many resons. the main was pakistans president boinked india's presidents wife

What neiborhood did lonnie Johnson grow up in?
Pakistans lol i dont know why you asking me these things lol get a job

Who was general sec of Pakistan qaumi ithad in 1977 election?
pakistans great leader RAFIQUE AHMED BAJWA

Why Pakistans hydel potential to generate power is deteriorating slowly?
why pakistan's HYDEL potensial to generate power is deteriorating slowly

Does Indian Air Force is superior to Pakistan Air Force?
Yeah! They stopped Pak before they crossed Pakistans border

How did pakistans flood happen?
A rogue weather system that wandered hundreds of miles further west than was normal for such systems

What is pakistans official language?
The official languages are English and Urdu. The Government also recognizes Balochi, Pashto, Punjabi, Saraiki, and Sindhi

Which has better army India or arvideotech Pakistan?
Pakistans airforce and land forces are much better while indias navy is slightly badder

Why and where major aziz bhatti did fight?
aziz bhatti fought on the wagha boarder ,from pakistans side against india,in the 1965 war.

What is Pakistan's unemployment rate?
According to the CIA World Factbook Pakistans 2008 estimated unemployment rate is 7.4% plus substantial underemployment.

Is pakistans army the best army in the world?
Pakistan isn't even in the top 10. The United States has by far the best army in the world.

Who is recent pakistans team captain?
ODI & Test Team captain is Misbah Ul Haq T20 Team captain is Mohammad Hafeez

How do Pakistans dress?
Both western and traditional clothing. Type shalwar kameez on google images and itll show you what their cultural clothing looks like

What is the name of pakistans money?
Pakistani currency is known as Pakistani Rupee. Current worth of one US dollar is equivalent to 101 Pak Rupees.

Who are Pakistans most famous people?
Tney are most famous for their poets (Kabir) and musicians. Pakistan was also the location of the ancient Indus River Valley civilization.

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