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How many layers of vinyl can be on a floor

"Roxanne Lodewyckx" (2019-10-18)

If the original vinyl floor is still down solid you are supposed to be able to lay another vinyl floor on top. This requires some specific prep work but it can be done. It is a better idea to just remove the vinyl and start with a clean solid surface to apply the new floor. The more layers, the more potential for problems with the layers lifting

floor, marble, vein, stone, vinyl, blockInstall a vinyl floor on top of another vinyl floor?
No, you should not.

share: What is weight of vinyl floor tiles?
What is the weight of Vinyl Floor tiles per m2

share: What items are safe to use for cleaning on a vinyl floor?
You might want to check the manufacturer's labels which often state whether you can use a product on a vinyl floor. You can use SC Johnson Wax Tile and Vinyl Floor Cleaner and Pledge Tile and Vinyl Floor Cleaner.

share: What are the typical layers of the Amazon rainforest?
There are many layers in the Amazon Rainforest. These layers are the emergent layer, the canopy layer, the understory layer, and the forest floor.

share: How do you apply wax to a vinyl floor?
You simply do not.

share: What paint to use on vinyl floor?
The vinyl itself is the finish. I've never heard of anyone painting a vinyl floor. The paint just would not last and would look like garbage in no time at all. Easier to lay more vinyl or lino on top .

share: Can you use a floor steamer on vinyl floor tiles?
You shouldn't use a floor steamer on vinyl floor tiles because the steam could cause the floor to buckle, come up at the seams or on the edges. Steamers are good for tile floors and some hardwood floors.

share: How do you prepare a new vinyl floor for waxing?
Almost all vinyl today is "no wax" vinyl. You never want to apply wax to this type of floor. Check with the manufacture or retailer you purchased it from. In the rare and strange event you have a floor requiring wax, you would use a stripper to remove any residue on the surface.

share: Can a cushion vinyl floor be laid over another cushion vinyl floor?
It is possible, but it's not the best practice. If you can easily remove the existing vinyl, then do so. If the vinyl won't peel up, then you should consider two possibilities: Remove the vinyl along with the wood underlayment (or scrape it off if your subfloor is concrete), or install new wood underlayment on top of the existing vinyl. A third possibility is this: If the existing vinyl is securely glued to the floor... Read More

share: Can you install ceramic floor tiles over vinyl floor tiles?
You can buy mortar that works on old vinyl floors. But I wouldn't recommend it. Assuming that you are going over OLD vinyl floor, you also have to assume that the glue holding the vinyl floor down is OLD and probably failing. Keeping that in mind, if you go directly over the vinyl floor, you are basically asking the OLD, possibly failing glue to hold down not only the vinyl it was originally holding in... Read More

share: How do you remove aerosol residue from your vinyl bathroom floor?
The best thing to use to remove aerosol residue from a vinyl floor is baking soda and water. Lemon juice can also be used.

share: Can you steam mop a vinyl floor?
The Bissell steam mop can be used to clean a vinyl floor. In fact it can also be used on marble, ceramic, stone, laminate, linoleum and sealed hardwood floors.

share: Do you need underlayment on existing vinyl floor?
No if the old floor is only one layer, smooth, and not curling.

share: What should you use for vinyl floor cleaning?
Vinyl floors are a very popular brand of floor due to their flattering styles and easy maintenance. To keep your floor clean, first sweep the floor to pick up any loose dirt and then mop with a dish soap and water solution.

share: Is luxury vinyl tile better in a kitchen than laminate?
I think that luxury vinyl tile or plank is a great option for a kitchen. First, it is waterproof (laminate is not and with water it can be permanently damaged. Second, luxury vinyl is usually glued down to the floor, so it is more secure and feels/sounds more real vs. a laminate floor which is floating and sounds tinny/hollow underneath. Third, if you floor is uneven/not level, the luxury vinyl will work better as it... Read More

share: Can I put vinyl flooring over ceramic tile?
Not directly as the ceramic tiles will soon show through the vinyl flooring. If the ceramics are laid on a wooden floor, you must take up the tiles and overboard with 6mm plywood. If the tiles are on a concrete floor, you can leave them down and lay a latex screed on top to provide you with a smooth floor for your vinyl

share: Can you park a car on floor tile vinyl?
Most vinyl rolls can be used in the garage. Be sure to check with the manufacturer before purchase!

share: Can you install ceramic floor over vinyl adhesive?
If the vinyl adhesive is hard and has no lumps then you can, but use a compatible adhesive, not thinset cement.

share: What is the labor cost to install vinyl tiles?
the price for vinyl tile labor is .60 a square foot not including floor prep

share: How many layers of vegetation would you find in a rainforest?
There are four layers of vegetation in a rainforest. They are Emergent layer, canopy layer, understory layer and forest floor.

share: How much does it cost to install a vinyl swimming pool versus fiberglass pool?
Well first of all there is no such thing as a fiberglass pool. You can have fiberglass walls instead of steel but your pool is still vinyl because you need a liner. These are the usual combinations of inground pools. 1. Sand floor, steel walls, vinyl liner 2. Sand floor, fiberglass walls, vinyl liner 3. Vermiculite floor, steel walls, vinyl liner 4. Vermiculite floor, fiberglass walls, vinyl liner 5. Concrete floor, steel walls, vinyl liner... Read More

share: Which vinyl floor tiles are the easiest to install?
The easiest vinyl floor tiles to install are the type called "peel and stick" tiles. These tiles come pre-cut so there is less measuring and little cutting. The backing peels off and the tiles can then be placed on the floor.

share: Liquid wax for vinyl floor to polish by mopping?
Mop & Glo is a type of liquid wax for vinyl flooring that you might polish by mopping.

share: How to strip vinyl flooring?
at your local flooring store or hardware store they sell vinyl flooring stripper...if you mean stripping the finish to clean the floor.

share: What are the layers of the taiga?
the canopy and forest floor

share: How do you remove furniture polish from vinyl floor?
Finger Nail Polish Remover

share: Can you install wood floor over vinyl floor?
only if its solid wood under and a well stuck down single layer if there is any movement ie cracks in the vinyl the wood floor is not stable and a 1/2 ply should be laid down first then rosin or felt paper

share: What are rainforest layers?
The rainforest layers are (TOP----BOTTOM) The Emergent, The Canopy, The Understory and The Forest Floor

share: What are the four layers in the rainforest?
The 4 layers are the emergent layer, the canopy, the understorey and the forest floor.

share: How do you get out pee stain on a vinyl floor?
If the stain is not too old, vinegar will lift most of it out.

share: Would it be OK to have quarter inch floor padding under the vinyl when converting from poured concrete to vinyl liner?
No! it well rot, use pool wall foam..

share: Why would vinyl tiles come off the floor?
The glue used to stick them to the floor is weak, or there was dirt or foreign matter under the tile, or the under floor was not completely clean when it was laid.

share: What should the Texture of Bathroom floor should be?
The bathroom floor should be of a slip-resistant material surface, whether it be tile, stone, vinyl, or carpeting.

share: What are the four layers of the rainforest?
The four layers of the rainforest are the emergent layer, the canopy layer, the understory, and the forest floor.

share: What are the layers of the rainforest?
Forets Floor, Understory, Canopy and Emergents

share: The ocean floor is covered with thick layers of what?
Sexual coment

share: What are the layers of the Amazon?
emergent , canopy , understory , forest floor

share: Can laminate flooring be installed in a camping trailor which is not temperature controlled year round?
You can install laminate flooring but I would not recommend it. I would suggest carpeting or a vinyl floor. There are products available such as luxury vinyl tiles that come in wood designs that can be glued directly to the floor. The thing you have to remember is when it is not climate controlled moisture plays critical part in the stability of the floor.

share: How do you clean latex paint off vinyl floor tiles without harming the floor?
Answer I would try GooGone, it is orange based and won't hurt the floor. Good luck! Answer I just painted my house and made a mess on the vinyl floor. I tried numerous things and cobinations but found Murphys Oil Soap to the best. It was easy on the skin and lungs to! Simple rubbing alcohol will remove the paint and not harm the tile.

share: What is a type of floor coverings?
Hardwood, carpet, laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring. the list goes on.

share: Can you polyurethane a vinyl floor?
No, you can't. It would peel off like sunburned skin, if it ever even set up. And why in the world would you want to do that anyway? Yes you can; website

share: How much does vinyl flooring installation cost?
vinyl floring installation cost is based on what kind of flooring you select and also how many square feet has to be layed, it probably also includes the charge of the installer having to come to your home or business. According to getproquotes, the average cost per square foot is around $2.50 for a medium quality vinyl floor covering.

share: How do you bring faded floor vinyl back to original color?
You can't. The product is basically like a photograph. If you leave a photo out in the sun you've destoyed the pigments in it. Same basic idea. Clean it with a good quality vinyl floor cleaner and a soft scrub brush and that's the best you're going to get. If you're unhappy with it's appearance, it will have to be replaced. Vinyl flooring is fairly inexpensive.

share: Can you install vinyl tile flooring on existing laminate flooring?
No, there is too much movement in a laminate floor. Yes, if you use a perimeter sheet vinyl type product that looks like tile, however there may be movement. But since the question was vinyl tile, the correct answer is no.

share: What are the four layers of the rain forest?
The four layers of the rainforest are the Emergent Layer, the Canopy Layer, the Understory Layer, and the Forest Floor.

share: What are the 4 layers of the rain forest?
The 4 layers of the rainforest is the forest floor, the understory layer, the canopy layer, and the emergent layer.

share: Why are there layers in a rainforest?
The different layers of the rainforest are ( from top to bottom) , Emergents, Canopy, understory and the forest floor! Hope that helps you! :-) xx

share: What are the four layers of rainforests?
The four layers of the rain forest are (top to bottom: Emergent Layer Canopy Understory Forest Floor

share: What is the most important thing when laying new vinyl floor sheet goods?
# You are installing it onto the correct subfloor. 1/4" BC pine plywood is the best if you are not on concrete. # The subfloor is clean and dry. # Any imperfections on the floor are sanded and leveled. If you fail to do this, those imperfections will telegraph into the new vinyl. # After completion, the floor MUST be rolled with a 100 lb roller.

share: How do you remove the yellow stain caused by a foam backed rug from vinyl flooring?
Vinyl is a very porous material. Unfortunately, this means that there is no way to remove the yellow stains without causing damage to the floor.

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