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Lotto 6 Aus 49 - a Simple Game to Change Your Life

"Ira Donley" (2019-10-19)

Many people scoff at the idea of playing the lottery because it is, after all, a form of gambling. But when you consider that one can win millions playing lotto 6 aus 49, it does seem a good idea to play this game. And if you are really lucky, you can be a winner of the lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot, something that can change your life forever.


Playing 6 out of 49 is absolutely simple and there are no skills required for you to play this game. You need to buy tickets for the game and then wait for the winning 6 numbers that are picked up along with a bonus number from the total set of 49 numbers. In an ideal situation, all the 6 numbers picked would be there on your ticket and this is your way to the jackpot.

But don't worry because you can still win even if all your numbers don't match with those drawn. There are 9 profit categories in which you can win, with varying amounts of winnings. The first category brings you the highest earning, ฟังหวยรัฐบาล which continues to go down after each category.

The tickets for this game can be bought from one of the game kiosks or online - the choice is yours. Each field in this game costs E1 and there is a processing fee added to the cost. Depending on the region of Germany you are in, the processing fee of the tickets can vary between E0.20 and E0.60 (online) and E0.25 and E1 (kiosk).

The simplicity of this game makes it hugely popular. There are millions across the world who play this game and hope to become millionaires if their luck prevails.

More information

Lotto 6 out of 49 is has a main draw that takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. Earlier, the draw was telecast live on TV but since 2013, the broadcast is only done online. In any case, the winning numbers are still displayed on TV. So, even if you don't have access to the internet when the draw is on, you can still catch the action on the TV.

The 6 out of 49 game is like any other lottery where you are winner if you choose the correct 6 numbers in a pool. Each ticket of this game has up to 12 tip fields. You need to tick 6 random numbers in each tweezer field of the ticket. Each ticket also has a number assigned to it. This is called a super number and you have the option of ticking between 0 and 9.

The jackpot

The concept of the lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot is again extremely simple. If there are no winners in a particular draw, the amount of that draw gets added to the jackpot. The jackpot amount increases in an exponential manner and as it gets bigger, the game attracts more players. However, one has to be extremely lucky to hit the jackpot - stats have proven that in this game, the chance of winning the jackpot stands at 1:140 million. You must also bear in mind that the jackpot amount in this game is lower than some of the other national and international lotteries. It is actually the excitement of this game that makes it so popular among players from all over Germany.

Jackpot comparison

When you compare the popular international lottery games, the highest jackpot is offered by Euro Millions where the amount can reach up to E190 million. Euro Jackpot offers a maximum of up to E90 million whereas lotto 6 aus 49 offers you a maximum jackpot amount of E35 million. The more tickets you buy, higher are the chances of you winning the jackpot - this is simple mathematical calculation.

Excitement all around

The 6 out of 49 lottery is more a celebration than a lottery game. This game first started in 1974 and it has created more than 5,000 millionaire winners throughout its history. The excitement of the game is what attracts people to it, with everyone hoping to become a millionaire just like that. It is more of a tradition in Germany where you can suddenly have a cash injection that can change your life forever.

Lotto 6 aus 49 is the most popular lottery game in Germany. Hitting the lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot is a dream that is shared by millions every week.