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Ten Tips To Reinvent Your Magnetic Roll And Win

"Leon Pedigo" (2019-10-23)

Our brands and products have grown over the years, we now own many registered trademarks, manufacture, import and convert products in-house. Our core products are; Temporary Floor & Surface Protection Materials, Correx Corrugated Plastic (corex), Magnets and magnetic label holder Products, Polythene Products and Sheeting, Packaging Supplies, Single and Double Sided Self Adhesive Tapes and Hook & Loop Fasteners. Our brands include Tempro(r), Polarity Magnets(r), Rip'n'Grip(r) Hook & Loop Fasteners, Alligata(r) Floor Protection, Packright(r) Packaging and Ape Tape(r).

For more information on our company or a copy of our latest catalogue please do not hesitate to contact us on 01268 768 768, thank you.