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If you watch a little bit of a sex scene in a TV program or on a DVD are you technically watching porn - Answers

"Grazyna Greeves" (2019-10-27)

Exactly what counts as porn and what doesn't vary with the jurisdiction. Where I live, the law says porn is a depiction of "sexual organs in action" with a specification of how erect a penis must be to be considered "in action".

So most sex scenes in TV series and mainstream movies would technically not be porn. Not 'hard' porn, at least.

The boundaries for 'soft' porn are more blurry, and doesn't require much more than that it might potentially excite the viewer. Arguably, most sex scenes, fashion magazines and romance novels could be considered soft porn child.

What is the best part in twilight?
I must say my favorite scene is the baseball scene. I love watching Jasper do his little tricks with the bat and how Edward and Emmett crash into each other in mid air and make thunder.

How do you use the word observer in a sentence?
The person watching the scene was an observer.

Is Joe Jonas and demi going to kiss?
Yes they do kiss in the movie "Camp Rock" but the director decided to cut that scene out i dont know why but im thinking its because of the kids maybe about the little kids who are watching im not sure Yes they do kiss in the movie "Camp Rock" but the director decided to cut that scene out i dont know why but im thinking its because of the kids maybe about the little...

What is the name of the sad song in the last scene in fireflies in the garden?
what sort of stuff have you been watching -_-

What happens when watching a scary movie in your body?
You get an adrenaline rush from the excitement or the outcome of the scene/movie

Pastoral in a sentence?
The painting depicts an idyllic pastoral scene of shepherds watching over their grazing sheep.

Program music is usually?
associated with a story, poem, idea, or scene.

Does Denzel Washington have lazy eye?
Actually, he does not technically have "lazy eye", but does appear to have Strabismus. I noticed this in particular watching the movie "Pelican Brief", in the scene where he is talking with the character played by Julia Roberts in her hotel room. His left eye turns outward slightly further than his right eye.

What is the love scene et is watching on tv in et?
The love scene that he watches on television is from the movie "The Quiet Man" (1952), which is about a disgraced American boxer who retires to Ireland, where he finds love.

How was the FBI given the right to use firearms?
They are technically police expect they don't protect the crime scene they investigate

Program music is an instrumental composition that?
is associated with a story, poem, idea, or scene.

How does shakespeare develop juliets character in act 1 scene 3?
Very little, because this is the scene in which she is introduced.

What is the name of the movie where in one scene there is a gypsy woman dancing to a drum beat with her skirt with a little girl watching her next to a tree in a desert landscape?
the movie you mentioned could be Latcho Drum website cheers

What movie has the least actors in it?
Buried, only one scene, and only one actor. But i think it's not worth watching...

Who was in the last scene of twilight?
The final scene of the movie 'Twilight' involves Bella and Edward talking as they dance. In the last moments of the scene, there is a cut to the nomadic vampire Victoria inside a building, watching Edward and Bella, then turning to leave with an ominous smile on her face.

What is the last scene in twilight?
If you are talking about the very first twilight movie, then the scene is: Edwrad and Bella are dancing at prom. Bella asks Edward to bite her, but he doesn't. Then, you can see Victoria watching them in secret from above.

Instrumental music associated with a story poem idea or scene?
This is called program music.

What do the witches do in scene 1 of Macbeth?
In very little words they give a lot of information. They basically just set up the scene.

How do you write a sentence using the word rapt?
He might have been watching A AMAZING MOVIE, for all the rapt attention he gave the scene.

Is there a program that will allow you to create multiple plot lines for a novel?
You might like Scrivener. It's a program for authors that lets you work chapter by chapter, scene by scene, and has sections for comments, plot lines, and even character worksheets. See the link.

What scene is With a Wink and a Smile in in Sleepless in Seattle?
With a Wink and a Smile is sung by Harry Connick Jr in the movie Sleepless in Seattle (1993). The scene it is used in is where Annie is in Seattle and is watching Sam play with Jonah on the beach.

Is Clair Holt on Pretty Little Liars?
Yes she is in a scene with Emily.

How do I cut your hair scene?
to cut scene hair, you may want to print a picture of scene hair that you want, or you can cut it yourself..this is what i do usually to get a more unique cut. a scene haircut must have layers and angles to it. You can also dye it, buy extensions..ect. ect.. Do anything you want to it to make your hair how to want it. To style scene hair: 1. straighten your hair. 2...

What has the author Mike Flaherty written?
Mike Flaherty has written: 'CSI: crime scene investigation' -- subject(s): CSI: crime scene investigation (Television program)

How does music make you feel watching a film?
music or a type of audio that adds to a scene can set a mood to the viewer and make them feel something you would like to portray! a sad scene, movies use types of music to a that scene so that the audience would feel sympathetic! ..the music behind a scene has a lot of power and impact in the movie.

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