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Process of conditioning maintenance in Bach Khoa Refrigeration

"Terence Hutson" (2019-11-07)

dieu-hoa-panasonic-1200btu.jpgRegular maintenance is important in helping the air conditioner run well and minimizing faults and malfunctions. Especially the maintenance also removes the dirt, bacteria attached to the machine to help protect the health of the family. If you are in need of maintenance air conditioning choose the service of the Refrigeration Center. Being a prestigious unit in Hanoi, we guarantee to bring professional service to attentive service.
Process of conditioning maintenance in Bach Khoa Refrigeration
- Check the operation of the machine
Checking the condition of the machine is an effective way to know whether the air conditioner has problems or not, whether normal operation or not. This is a very important step for the mechanic to find reasonable maintenance. Checking the condition of the main machine is to check all parts of the air conditioner
- Cleaning the outdoor unit
The air conditioner is placed outdoors so it is prone to dust. Over the course of several days, the thicker the layer becomes, the thicker it becomes, the poorer it becomes. The cleaning of the outdoor unit is done by using a water pump to clean the parts. After cleaning, the fan blades are working well and running smoothly.
- Cleaning the indoor unit
The purpose of cleaning the indoor unit is to remove dirt and grime on the rack. Because the dirt is so stubborn and hard to mop it up with a mop, the worker will use a water pump to create a strong force to blow away the dirt. They will then use specialized cleaning water to clean and deodorize the indoor unit.
One thing to note when spraying on both the indoor and outdoor units is to prevent water from firing into the circuit causing damage to the air conditioner.
- Check the gas
Gas is the element that makes the air conditioner work well. If the gas is out of operation, the indoor unit is inefficient and the heating and cooling process lasts longer, resulting in lower power consumption. Lack of gas is also the cause of broken air conditioning that you have to spend much to repair the air conditioning.
When you check gas amount, if detect gas shortage workers will carry gas. When fully charged the air conditioner is guaranteed to work well.
- Try to mix
Running the air conditioner to check the effectiveness of the maintenance and cleaning steps.
The above are maintenance procedures in the center of refrigeration technology. The process of professional maintenance at the center will ensure that your air conditioner is always working well.
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