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Why choose the old Japanese air conditioner

"Arnoldo Kinross" (2019-11-10)

To counteract the hot summer heat, families are thinking of installing air conditioners, especially those with children.
However, this is also a big expense for low or middle income families. So, choosing the old Japan air conditioner is an economical and effective solution.
• Advantages of old Japanese air conditioners
Made in Japan by default quality assurance, especially domestic goods, you are absolutely safe to use. For air conditioning products can take advantage of such outstanding advantages:
- Good quality, fast and deep cooling
- Electricity savings (this feature is superior to Vietnamese products).
- Durable.
In addition, the big plus for điều hòa nhật bãi this type of product is the relatively cheap price of only 40-50% compared to new products made in Vietnam.
• Experience in buying old Japanese air conditioners:
- You should buy from the brand name air conditioning like Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba ...
- It is recommended to select models with inverter technology (technology used in power saving) to optimize power consumption when used.
- Note the machine capacity. Choose the right size for your room. Usually in households with a formula of capacity of 1 m2 = 600 BTU.
- Check the parts carefully (hot, cold, control, copper pipe ...) before deciding to buy.
- You can ask the experience from people who have used Japanese goods or invite experienced people to buy the same.
- Should buy in prestigious establishments, have a good warranty to get products to guarantee, avoid the loss of carry.
With the above sharing, hope you have more information needed to peace of mind the old Japanese air conditioning products.
If you have any further questions, you can call the hotline 0975195046 for specific advice.