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What is the smartest cat? -

"Kirk Tomaszewski" (2019-11-18) cat is the smartest! if you don't have a cat, then your friend's cat is the smartest!

What is the smartest cat breed?
The Savannah, the Bengal and the Siamese are generally ranked as the smartest cat breeds.

What color are the smartest cats?
Actually, There Are No Such Things As "Smartest Cats".And Cats Can Be Different Colors Too.It Can Be A Yellow Cat,A Orange Cat,A Black Cat,White Cat, Mostly Almost Every Color.

What is the smartest breed of cat?
well from my research it is the Siamese

What are some of the smartest animals?

How do you use the correct word for smartest?
Smartest is the superlative form of the adjective smart. You use it when you are saying something / someone is the smartest of a group. Max is the smartest cat we have ever had. (the group is all the cats we have had). I was the smartest in the class until Jade came. If you are talking about two things / people then you use the comparative form - smarter: 노견 I am smarter than my...

What was the smarter dinosaur?
Troodon was likely the smartest dinosaur. But it was just as smart as a house cat!

The ten smartest animals on a farm?
dog, pig, cat, horse, lama, sheep, goat, cow, rabbit and then chicken. dog being the smartest and chicken being the least smart.

Who is the smartest warrior cat?
There isn't really a smartest, there is wisest but thboth are kinda opinions so that cant be answered without having a certain person's critique P.s. i would say whitestorm in my opinion x)

What type is the smartest dog?
The smartest breed is the border collie, and poodles are second smartest. German Shepherds are third smartest, doberman pinschers are the fifth smartest, the Labrador is the 7th smartest, etc.

What rhymes with hardest?
Smartest, smartest

What was the guys name who invented the resturaunt Hooters?
the smartest guy on earth the smartest guy on earth the smartest guy on earth the smartest guy on earth

What kind of animal is the Abyssinian?
An Abyssinian is a type of house cat. It was one of the first cats to be domesticated and can be a wonderful pet. It is one of the smartest and best breeds of cats.

Is a turtle the smartest animal on earth?
No, humans are the smartest animal. But, i you mean the smartest wild animal, it is the dolphin.

Who is smartest human in the world?
To be honest, there is no smartest human in the world. The smartest man in ancient Greece was Aristotle, though.

What is the smartest turtle?
The North American Wood Turtle is considered to be one of the smartest turtles. Many consider it as the smartest.

What is the smartest amimal?
The smartest animals are said to be chimpanzees.

Smartest eagle in the world?
What's the smartest eagle

What is the superlative of smarter?

What is the smartest wolf?
the smartest wolf is the Timber wolf.

Which one of you is the smartest?
Out of all the people in who is the smartest?

What are some popular pets?
Chantilly/Tiffany Cat (friendliest cat)---------Border Collie (smartest dog)----------Golden Retriever (most affectionate dog)----------Persian (most popular cat breed)---------Australian Cattle Dog (easiest to train dog)----------Bullmastiff (top ten guard dog) and canaries

Who is the smartest person alive and dead?
The smartest man dead has to be Albert Einstien. The smartest man alive is Stephen Hawking.

What is the smartest and second smartest school in usa?
the first smartest school is is383 the second is ps399 and th 3d bss

What dog is the second smartest dog?
The second smartest dog is the German shepherd. The first smartest dog is the golden retreiver

Who's the smartest kid?
i m the smartest girl in the world

Who is the smartest person on the planet?
Stephen Hawking is the smartest person.

Are dogs the smartest animal in the world?
No. dogs are smart but they are not the smartest.

What is the US ranked in smartest country?
the smartest country is china

How do you use Smartest in a sentence?
Out of the three girls she was the smartest one.

What is the smartest cephalopod?
the octopus is considered the smartest of ALL invertebrates

What do is the smartest?
im the smartest da man how did you not know dat

Where is oklahoma in the smartest state ranking?
it is the 26th smartest state

What is the most smartest scientist?
albert einstein is the smartest scientist

What are the smartest primates in the world?
Humans are the smartest primates in the world.

What is the smartest animal-?
One of the smartest animals in the world is the orangutan.

Who is the smartest animal in the world?
Rats are the SMARTEST animal in the world. People may think dolphins are the smartest, but facts show that rats are supirior!

Who was or is the smartest person in the world?
Aaliya Khan was the smartest person in the world. she was 121 yrs old and the oldest and smartest person ever in the world.

Who is the smartest and fittest astronaut in the world?
Story Musgrave is by far the smartest.

What is the smartest dinosaur?
The smartest of the dinosaurs was the great PHILOSORAPTOR . if you have not heard of it , GOOGLE IT!

Smartest animal in the planet?
i think the chimpanzese are the smartest animal s

Smartest person in history?
The smartest person in history is Albert Einstein.

What is earths smartest wild animal?
the smartest animal on earth is a chimpanzee.

Is Cindy klassen the smartest student when she is collage?
No shes not I am the smartest student.

Is Cody Willbanks the smartest kid in the world?
Absolutely! Smartest at his school!

Which breed is the smartest?
Border collies are the smartest dog breed in the world.

Who is the smartest player on the Chicago Bears?
I think Devin Hester is the smartest

Are German sheperds the smartest dog?
no the german shepared is not the smartest dog

How do you spell smartest?
That is the correct spelling of the adjective "smartest" (most smart).

Why do you have to be the smartest?
if u want to ask alfie rowsell because he is the smartest

Was Louis Braille the smartest Blind person?
yes he was the smartest braille

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