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Batik - Clothing And History

"Nancy Weddle" (2020-02-02)

Batik is the art of embellishing cloth with wax and dye resulting in beautiful designs, and made famous by the peoples of Indonesia and Malaysia. People across the world not only knew about Batik, but are also known to wear it. Most people around the globe like it as it has many different designs and patterns for them to choose from. Batik making is a craft that has quite a long history. It is mostly produced in Indonesia and Malaysia, although other countries such as India, China, Thailand have their own industries.

Wax is used to create the distinct patterns, and the drawing and painting is done by hand. When the wax is applied to the fabric, it creates a barrier so that when color is applied to a particular spot, it won't bleed to areas where it should not be. Beeswax and paraffin are mixed to certain proportions and are the type of materials commonly used. The wax is applied on the fabric by using a kind of wooden or metal stamp. This stamp is like a cookie cutter device created with the design of the motif it is made to produce. The process of making Batik Warna Alam is also known for its use of superior quality fabric and dye. First the cloth's impurities are removed by thorough washing. The cloth is then stretched on a wooden frame after it is dried and ironed. A rough charcoal is used to sketch the outline of the theme. With each coat of waxing, the design gradually appears.

Batik fabric quality is based on the material used to make it. Silk ones are popular among people during formal functions or parties and suitable for people with other silk accessories to match. Cotton ones also come in many designs and colors making them increasingly popular. Cotton ones are mostly for casual and daily wear among many people. The huge collection of prints and various colors plus the number of accessories that go along with the apparel is simply amazing.

Modern fashion industry has given people around the world a huge choice of Batik items to choose from. Such apparels are an increasingly common sight at parties, banquets and even weddings.

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