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Casinos in Osaka

"Ricardo Culler" (2020-03-29)

After much hemming and hawing Japan has finally moved forward with easing gambling laws and now is preparing certain special areas where Casinos will be allowed.

Don-Lee-Organic-Cauliflower-Bites-CostcoIt's been in the works for years, but finally Osaka will most likely be the first city to go all out with casinos Japan, and is already courting international gambling companies from around the world including groups from Las Vegas as well as domestic companies looking to cash in.

The Osaka city government plans to add casinos to the amenities on offer at the upcoming World expo. The city will host the expo in 2025 after the Olympic games, hosted by Tokyo in 2020.

2025 Osaka World Expo Grounds Preview

Along with the casino and Expo grounds, the city intends to also build out it's infrastructure to better serve the influx of tourists and gamblers.

Osaka's harbor area will be revamped, with one island known as Yumeshima (dream island in Japanese) being earmarked for the sprawling expo complex as well as the country's first casinos. Train lines will also be extended to better serve the area, with the possibility of an additional high-speed network to connect the Kansai International Airport with the island and the downtown core.

The local government hopes to make Osaka an attractive destination to cater to those looking for nightlife, gambling and shopping, while those seeking a more traditional Japanese experience can travel inland to the old cities of Kyoto and Nara.

How to Get to the New Casino and Expo Area

Osaka is not the only part of Japan opening up for gambling and casinos. Other areas will be granted special status to begin construction of casinos, with some of the worlds biggest casino groups eyeing Okinawa, Japan's equivalent to Hawaii, as a possible place to expand their casino resort operations.

As to who will land the lucrative deals to began construction of casinos it's still unknown. The W88club mobile Online casinos will have card rooms, as well as roulette, other traditional games like craps and blackjack to cater to high end gamblers, as well as slots for those on tighter budgets. But it is still uncertain exactly what options will be in offer.

Japan in famous for its hospitality and casinos will feature excellent service and a variety of other amenities beyond gambling, including concerts, bars and other kinds of adult oriented activities. For the rest of the family there will be the Expo grounds nearby, which will play host to events and attractions, long after the expo is complete.

What kinds of games will be available?

Also still unknown, but the goal with these casinos is too build them up to attract an international crowd, so we can expect a Las Vegas or Macau like experience with a Japanese twist. All the usual favorites will be found there.

What about Pachinko and other forms of gambling?

The casino will likely not feature pachinko, although there is a possibility that some pachinko parlours will be setup, to cater to tourists looking to try the iconic Japanese game. Horse racing and other sports gambling may also be available.

Is gambling really legal in Japan?

It hasn't been legal in Japan up until the law was past in 2018. However, pachinko, horse racing and boat racing, have all operated in a legal gray area for decades. Card rooms and mock casinos with payouts consisting of prizes have also been allowed. The new law simply allows gambling to be permitted in certain licensed and heavily regulated areas.



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