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Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2 challenges and where to find Deadpool's big black market

"Kelle Dukes" (2020-04-01)

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colour <strongvideo<\/strong> doorphone" style="max-width:450px;float:right;padding:10px 0px 10px 10px;border:0px;">Make another trek once again to find a place to do a little dance. 

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Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2, which started Feb. 20, gave the game a spy motif. As in previous seasons, players can purchase a Battle Pass to unlock skins, emotes and other cosmetics for 950 V-Bucks, or approximately $9.50. Unlocking the content requires players to earn experience points, and tackling the weekly challenges gives the largest number of points. The most notable unlockables are the fully customizable Maya, the powerful Meowscles and the gold-armed Midas for those who reach tier 100. Season 2 also sees the inclusion of the fourth-wall-breaking Marvel hero Deadpool. His outfit can be unlocked by completing the special Deadpool weekly challenges.

Meowscles' Mischief challenges

This week's Meowscles' Mischief challenges.

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Dance at Lake Canoe, Camp Cod and Rainbow Rentals 
Dancing tasks are common in each season for Fortnite. This week's challenge isn't much different than others, but check the map below on where to do a little dance to complete it. 

Where to find Lake Canoe, Rainbow Rentals and Camp Cod. 

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Destroy dog houses 
Dog houses are scattered across the island, mainly in the suburban areas like Pleasant Park, Salty Springs and Holly Hedges. Check the backyards of the houses to find them. 

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Ride the Steamy Stacks and a Zipline and use a Secret Passage in a single match
This challenge seems a little complicated, and in a way it is. To start, head to Steamy Stacks and go inside the big towers to complete the first part of the task. Ziplines can be found all over the island, so keep an eye out when traveling. Secret passages are port-a-potties that'll transport you to another location on the island. There are plenty of them to choose from, so keep looking for one after completing the first two parts of the challenge. 

Here are the rest of the challenges: 

Search chests at Frenzy Farm or Steamy Stacks (0/10).

Deal damage to players using an assault rifle (0/1000).

Search a chest within 10 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus (0/10).

Deal damage to players while riding in a Choppa (0/200).

Catch a weapon, a can and a fish.

Eliminate opponents at the yacht or cheesy Salty Springs (0/5).

Block damage with a Decoy Grenade (0/100).

Deadpool challenges

Wade Wilson has been busy. 

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As mentioned earlier, Deadpool is the big surprise in season 2. There's a set of weekly challenges that, once completed, should unlock the Deadpool outfit. The first task is to actually find the challenge. 

From the game lobby, click on the vent off to the right. 

That vent looks mighty suspicious. 

Epic Games

This'll take players to Deadpool's secret room. 

What a mess.

Epic Games

Players can read his meta letter to Epic saying how he could design a better Battle Bus. 

He's a real artist.

Epic Games

All that's left is to click on the computer and see the challenges. This'll complete the first challenge for the week. The second has players jumping off the Battle Bus without thanking the bus driver. This is easy to do. Just don't press the designated button to thank the bus driver at the start of the match. Those two challenges will complete the week 1 challenges.

Week 2 challenges are up. The first requires players to find Deadpool's milk carton. 

Week 2 Deadpool challenges.

Epic Games

The milk carton is in Deadpool's secret room. Just keep an eye out for it. 

Check the left side of the room to find the milk carton.

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The second challenge for the week has players look for the Marvel hero's favorite food, chimichangas. These fried snacks can be found across the various lobby screens.  

I spy a chimichanga.

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For week 3, Deadpool is in need of a toilet plunger. 

Another week of Deadpool challenges.

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All that's needed is to head over to TNTina's room by clicking on the Agents' option from the main lobby. Look for it on the wall. 

Check the right wall for the plunger.

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The second challenge for the week is destroying a toilet. This is easy enough to do. Simply go into a bathroom in any building on the map and destroy the porcelain throne. 

Week 4 has two new challenges for Deadpool. The first is looking for his katanas, which are easy to find. Just head back to his "office" and they'll be sticking out of the wall. 

Deadpool's katanas are hard to miss.

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The next challenge is also quick and easy. All that's needed is to damage an opponent's structure, which should be done anyway during a match. 

It's time for week 4.

Epic Games

Week 5 adds two more Deadpool challenges for players to complete to obtain the Deadpool skin. 

The first task is to find Deadpool's stuffed unicorn. Visit Meowscles to find the toy. 

Ignore the cat with the muscles and look for the stuffed unicorn at the bottom left. 

Epic Games

The second challenge is to visit red, yellow, green, blue and purple bridges. You can find these all across the island. 

Deadpool's Week 5 challenges.

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Week 6 has players first searching for Deadpool's big black marker. This can be found in Brutus' room on the desk. 

There's a big marker right there on the desk.

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The next challenge is to deface three Ghost or Shadow posters. For this, players will need to equip any Spray and find a poster. They're scattered all over the island and not hard to find. The reward for completing this week's challenges is the Deadpool Wrap. 

Week 6 of the Deadpool challenges.

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Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, Android, iOS, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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