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Man, 71, died of COVID-19 after he was infected by his grandson

"Julienne Valerio" (2020-04-05)

An elderly man who had tested positive of the coronavirus died Wednesday in Argentina, two weeks after coming into contact with his grandson who dismissed a quarantine order to attend his cousin's birthday.

Health officials in the Buenos Aires city of Moreno confirmed that Luis Suarez, 71, became the 28th person to die in the South American nation because of the global pandemic.

Overall, 34 people have died in Argentina due to the coronavirus as of Thursday. At total 1,133 others have tested positive.  

Suarez, 드라마 다시보기 who suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure, was among more than 100 guests who attended the sweet 15 birthday bash of his granddaughter Abril, on March 14.

A day earlier, his grandson Eric Torales, 24, had returned to Argentina from vacationing in Miami, but was informed by health officials that he had to quarantine.


Luis Suarez (right) is one of 34 people who have died in Argentina due to the coronavirus. Suarez, pictured above with his wife Rosa, was infected with the virus after coming in contact with his grandson, Eric Torales, at a birthday party for his granddaughter. Torales disobeyed his quarantine after arriving from Miami on March 13 and went to the party the next day. At least 12 tested positive and 20 others are awaiting results 

Eric Torales pictured with his grandmother Rosa, who is also infected with the coronavirus and currently hospitalized. Torales tested positive March 19, five days after he attended his cousin's 15th birthday bash despite orders from health officials to quarantine after arriving in Argentina from Miami on March 13, a day before the party 

Abril is one of 12 people who tested positive for COVID-19 after coming in contact with her cousin, who disobeyed a government imposed quarantine and attended her birthday party March 14





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Instead of adhering to the mandatory isolation decree that was imposed by the Argentine government the day before his arrival, Torales abandoned his residence in Palermo despite the rain to party with the rest of his friends and family members at an event venue in Moreno.

On March 19, Torales first experienced respiratory issues, one of the symptoms associated with the deadly disease, and visited Clinica Adventista, where he was admitted and placed in the intensive care unit after he later tested positive for COVID-19.

Results came back positive for 12 people who attended the party, including Torales' mother, cousin and grandmother. Another 10 are still awaiting results.

Suarez started feeling symptoms March 22 and tested positive March 25 before he was declared dead at 1:30am Wednesday. 

Torales is currently under house arrest for violating Argentina's quarantine order for travelers who arrive in the South American nation from abroad

Officials are also looking into reaching out to other people who may have had contact with Torales following his return from the U.S. and his decision to attend the event instead of quarantining. 

'I thinks he did something stupid, he did it without knowing. No one is going to want to infect their family on purpose,' said Edgardo López, the owner of the party hall, in an interview with Argentine news outlet Todo Noticias. 'He had the thought of 'nothing will happen to me' and it was very costly.' 

A local DJ hired for the party said he spent 15 days in isolation and tested negative for the virus.

"It is like being in a horror movie,' he said. 'It has to serve as a lesson. You have to be a very bad person to have returned from abroad and not be quarantined.'

Torales, who was ordered to turn in his passport, has been under house since March 25, when he was discharged from the hospital. He is only be allowed to leave the home for medical appointments.

Torales could face 15 years in prison if prosecutors can prove he willfully spread the coronavirus.   

He could face three to 15 years in prison if he is found guilty of violating article 202 of the Penal Code - spreading a contagious and dangerous disease for people.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused more than 49,236 deaths and sickened over 965,000 across the globe.

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