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How to Plan a Buffet

"Penny Mora" (2020-04-07)

Buffets offer an ideal catering solution for a wide range of events. Many professional caterers offer reasonably priced buffet services, producing delicious hot or cold food which is ready to eat, leaving one less thing for you to worry about. First you will need to decide what type of buffet is best suitable for your event. Will guests be seated or standing? Often, events have no set formal dining tables, but guests relax on small cocktail tables, standing cocktail tables or pub seating. Although guests have the option to sit down, these types of buffets are often called standing buffets, or fork buffets. Fork buffets allow guests to move around and make conversation with various other guests.

These fork buffets are a common catering solution for funerals, corporate events and birthday parties; events where guests may want to catch-up with each other or make conversation or network with new people. Fork buffet foods are simple to eat without a knife, although one may be provided. Foods are small and can be eaten with little mess or awkwardness. Fork buffets tend to consist of dishes such as sliced meat, salads, coleslaw, potato salads and บุฟเฟ่ต์ bread rolls. Caterers will bring fork buffet food to the venue, without the need for cooking facilities, making fork buffets ideal for business meetings or outdoor events such as marquee weddings.Finger buffets are similar to fork buffets, but require no cutlery at all. They typically consist of bite-size foods such as sandwiches, quiche, pork pies and sausage rolls, and are also suitable for almost any less-formal event.

Finger buffets are the least formal dining option, so may be less suitable for a big event such as a wedding, and less than impressive at a business meeting. Another possibility for your event is a sit-down meal or hot buffet. These do however, allow less scope for guests to move around and talk to other guests, and caterers will often require on-site cooking facilities. They also generally require guests to be hungrier, and it's difficult to choose a menu which everyone will enjoy.Next you will need to brainstorm ideas for your dishes. A good caterer will list possible dishes for you to choose from and cater to any specific requirements. Consider whether your party contains anybody with food intolerances, and make sure to include some vegetarian options. Buffets are easier to plan than formal meals, as a selection of dishes will ensure guests can find something which they like. A successful buffet menu consists of meat, carbohydrate and vegetable options.

Also consider deserts, perhaps a cake is suitable for your event.You will need to know the number of people in the party before ordering your buffet food, and you may wish to order a little extra. If you have counted children in the party as adults they may not eat a full adult portion and ordering extra may not be necessary. Consider whether the buffet table has adequate space around it for the number of guests, you don't want a long queue at the table. Your caterer will probably be able to provide plates and cutlery for a small fee. With the help of a good caterer, feeding guests at your event should be the least of your troubles.

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