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Victoria braced for 'stage four' restrictions to stop coronavirus

"Herman McGahan" (2020-04-08)

image.php?image=b1construction002.jpg&dlUnprecedented 'stage four' restrictions are looming in Victoria, with officials warning there is 'no end date in sight' for strict coronavirus lockdown measures.

The restrictions, which will further impact every aspect of Australian's everyday lives, could be brought in imminently, furniture assembly helpers the state's premier Daniel Andrews warned.

It comes as the number of cases continues to steadily rise across the country, bringing the total on Friday night to 5,350.

Officials in Western Australia announced 22 new cases overnight on Friday, bringing the state total to 422 as it shuts its borders to non-residents. 

A 12th death in New South Wales was also announced on Friday, taking Australia's national death toll to 28. 

But the state's premier, despite having nearly half of the country's COVID-19 cases,  hopes no further lockdown will be required, after going into 'level three' this week. 

A deserted Flinders Street train station on March 30 in Melbourne (pictured), as Victoria prepares for the next stage of coronavirus restrictions