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Piles of clothes dumped outside a Vinnies amid coronavirus closures

"August Michelides" (2020-04-08)

Furious locals residents have hit out at their fellow residents for dumping 'mountains' of unwanted clothes and junk outside their St Vincent's De Paul charity shop.  

Pictures show how the unwanted items have been dumped on the doorstep of the charity store's Waverley branch, in Sydney's eastern suburbs, that's been shut for several days because of the COVID-19 shutdown. 

The waist-high piles of junk included bags full of clothes, suitcases, furniture and even a set of golf clubs. 

One angry resident posted the images to an Eastern Suburbs Facebook page and said: 'My local Vinnies store now is a dumping ground for people's old crap that they no longer want'. 

Mountains of unwanted goods were dumped in front of the St Vincent De Paul's in Waverley  in Sydney's east (above)

The charity shop in Waverley (pictured) closed amid statewide coronavirus shutdowns 





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The photographer noted that items were 'piling up by the hour' and scolded locals for being so selfish.    

'This is a community volunteer store that's run by people who give out their time to help others in need and help others who are the less fortunate,' they said.  

The post also suggested that people were helping themselves to a 'five finger discount' and stealing items that were 'purely and simply for charity.'   

'This is not right, stop dumping your unwanted items... keep it at home in an empty store room or hire a storage unit till Vinnies re-open,' the post advised.    

Abandoned clothes, office installers suitcases, furniture and a set of golf clubs lined the Vinnies shopfront 

Strict measures to contain the spread of coronavirus in NSW have ordered all non-essential shops and businesses to close.