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Quality Carport Kits You Can Assemble Yourself

"Tania Garland" (2020-04-11)

商品furinno 14098r1ex/bk easy <strongassembly<\/strong> computer desk, espresso" style="max-width:410px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Thinking about carport kits? If so, that probably means that you like to do projects and are likely a do-it-yourselfer. Good for you. You are going to save money putting up a carport without the extra expense of paying somebody else to do what you can do yourself. It also means you've got a lot to think about. What size carport, where to put it, will the boss agree, can you actually assemble one by yourself? All of these questions and others are important to address before committing to a purchase. I am here to tell you that, as far as the difficulty of assembly, it can be done by almost anyone with basic skills and tools. Carport kits just aren't that complicated to assemble. If you can follow some basic instructions and operate some basic hand tools, then you are mere moments away from standing back in satisfaction, as you admire your new carport. So let's take a closer look at two types of carport kits that you can put up yourself.

Portable carport kits are more than simple canopies. And while those have a place and a purpose, what I want to emphasize and focus on here are the more substantial professional-grade carports that allow for expanded storage and/or protection for cars, RV's, boats, motor sport vehicles, or other items. These move away from flimsy and wimpy to substantial and hefty. Obviously, as the quality of the carport goes up, so does the price. But that's one of the real appeals of carport kits over traditional buildings, they are much cheaper while still giving the protection and peace of mind you need.

One of my favorite brands is the Jewett-Cameron. The carport kits put out by this company include top-of-the-line commercial grade galvanized steel frames and connections. I like the zippered door and solid end. The Hi-Boy heavy duty models come in multiple lengths from 24' to 28' to 32'. They are a standard 12' wide and just over 10' tall, plenty of room. Assembly of these carport kits is particularly quick and easy due to three piece construction and quick connect Gazebo assembly. There is also an optional anchor kit that includes 6 anchors and stainless steel cable for the highest level of stability, longevity, and portability.

For those needing something more permanent, metal carport kits to the rescue. Rhino Shelters make steel carport kits that are open sided and open ended. Given the choice, steel is always a better route to go over aluminum. They are available in configurations suitable for RV's and other vehicles. They even have double car units. One of the things that make these simple to assemble is that they are made with pre-drilled frame assemblies. The frames are heavy duty square tube steel and comes with everything you need to assemble the carport quickly and easily. The roofing metal is a fluted steel that comes cut to length and painted with a baked on finish.

VersaTube is another manufacturer well worth considering. Carport kits by this company are available in multiple colors and have optional siding options. They even have optional end enclosures available. Ease of construction and top quality materials define these units.

Whether you need portable or more permanent metal protection for your car, truck, RV, boat, or other items, quality carport kits are available that you can assemble yourself. Go for it!