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Brazen flytippers block picturesque country lane with mound of rubbish

por Rocky O'Leary (2020-04-14)

Brazen fly-tippers have blocked a country lane after dumping a huge mound of rubbish in a picturesque Hampshire village where the D-Day landings were plotted.

image.php?image=b13architecture_interiorThe waste was strewn along Portchester Lane in Southwick and was made up of various kitchen items and building materials.

It has cost more than £1,000 to clean up the mess. 

The shocking images have appeared as households have been urged not to undertake major clear-outs during the lockdown.

There have also been calls on the Government to designate recycling centre workers as part of an essential service, to help prevent fly-tipping.   

Fly-tipping - the illegal dumping of trash - has surged as much as 300 per cent as councils warn of a 'wave of waste' amid the coronavirus crisis.

It also means that Britons are taking on non-essential travel to dump their rubbish, breaking Government orders to remain indoors.  

Fly-tippers have blocked a country lane in Southwick, Hampshire, by dumping a huge pile of waste across the road

Workers from Winchester City Council spent a whole morning clearing up the site and say they have discovered evidence to aid a prosecution

The waste was strewn along Portchester Lane and was made up of various kitchen items and building materials.

Workers from Winchester City Council spent a whole morning clearing up the site and say they have discovered evidence to aid a prosecution.

Councillor Neil Cutler, deputy leader and ward member for Southwick and Wickham, said: 'Fly-tipping at this time diverts teams away from the frontline of waste collection and in this case more importantly, could have blocked emergency service vehicles from attending those in need.

'We would ask householders, where possible, to store rubbish until the waste recycling centres reopen, and remind people that if they pay someone to take away this material, and this is subsequently fly-tipped, both they and the fly-tipper can and will be prosecuted.'

Southwick in Hampshire is home to Southwick House, where British military commanders planned one of the most crucial events of the Second World War. 

Bolton, Greater Manchetser: Appliances, mattresses, bin bags and recycling are discarded near a set of bins

Britain has seen a surge in fly-tipping as councils warn of a 'wave of waste' during coronavirus. Pictured: rubbish on the A671 in Burnley 

Rubbish is strewn on the floor near recycling bins on a street in Bermondsey, London

Outside an off-licence in Bermondsey, piles of cardboard and bin bags lie waiting to be collected

Nottinghamshire: Fly-tipping has surged as much as 300 per cent as councils warn of a growing rubbish problem amid the coronavirus crisis

Wavertree, Liverpool: Discarded Furniture assembly service and boxes are piled up outside houses as rubbish mounts on Britain's streets

The closure of a majority of tips due to the lockdown and social distancing guidelines has resulted in a spate of fly-tipping incidents in recent weeks. 

In Lancashire alone, 16 waste and recycling centres have shut down, including a number within a short distance of a fly-tipping hotspot on the A671.

Household items such as furniture and rubbish can be seen alongside hundreds of black bin bags, cardboard boxes and even a tyre. 

Sarah Lee of the Countryside Alliance said: 'The images of fly tipping, though horrendous, are an all too familiar sight.

'It shouldn't need saying that driving to dump rubbish is not essential travel.

Toxteth, Liverpool: Both rubbish and recycling have been thrown on the ground and are unlikely to be collected

Recycling begins to overflow at Preston Park recycling Centre in Brighton (pictured)

'Not only are you committing an offence by littering, but you are also ignoring guidance that has been introduced to stop the spread of this dangerous virus.'

Durham county councillor John Clare, who represents Newton Aycliffe, said: 'There is a fear that white van men will pick up stuff and tell people they are taking it away, but then in fact are then driving out to the countryside and dumping it.

'The solution is that the government declares tip workers along with other things like supermarkets as key workers, then we can get all these places reopened.'

He added: 'The safety of workers is cited, but if ever there was a situation where the workers were safe it would be at a household waste recycling centre, when people dump their stuff in bins and drive off again.'

A children's baby walker is abandoned among black plastic bags on the A671, Burnley, Lancashire

Large waste receptacles are overflowing, meaning open bin bags are being left on the ground

Wembley, north London: Rubbish is stacked high at a recycling point despite many centres not collecting during the current crisis

Small Heath, Birmingham: A disgusting pile of rubbish is strewn across the street amid the 'wave of waste' in Britain

Oliver Sherratt, Durham County Council's head of environment, said about the Government's allowances for leaving home: 'As visits to household waste recycling centres are not included, we would encourage people not to undertake major clear outs during this stay-at-home period as these sites will not be open.

'Should the restrictions be loosened, we will of course consider re-opening the facilities, ensuring as far as possible that social distancing is maintained.'