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9 relaxing ways to destress after Black Friday shopping madness

"Dennis McKinley" (2020-04-14)

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After a long day battling crowds of holiday shoppers, take some time to rest and relax.

Angela Lang/CNET

This story is part of Holiday Survival Guide 2019, featuring tips on the best ways to manage the holiday season.

There's just something special about the holidays: People seem happier and more generous, the weather feels nicer and sleep music everything looks a little brighter. But with all the holiday cheer comes loads of holiday shopping, which can seriously take a toll on mind and body.

Black Friday brings out the crowds with doorbuster deals, and Cyber Monday follows with hectic limited-time online sales. 

Next time you leave the mall feeling drained from the massive crowds of people, indulge yourself in one of these relaxing, oh-so-soothing self-care activities. And here's our complete guide to surviving Thanksgiving 2019, amid all the hectic craziness of family and food.

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1. Take a bath or hot shower
Go ahead. Run a bath and make it all pretty for Instagram. You deserve to take the bath and show off the meticulously placed rose petals, bubbles and glass of wine you won't touch until you get the photo. Add a face mask or your favorite book for extra self-care points.