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Iron Security Doors In Las Vegas

"Boyd Levering" (2020-04-14)

Las Vegas is an ever growing city, and while the majority of growth that brought the city to the population that it currently had happened in the pre-crash around 2016, even the near-complete destruction of real estate values did not cause flight. The city has grown quite fast, which essentially raises the crime rates as well as it transitions from a small town to a large metropolis. One of the drawbacks to a large population is the amount of criminal activity that goes with it, as opportunistic people see large populations as easier to take advantage of. The crime rates in Las Vegas have risen in all aspects, with break-ins being one of the fastest advancing categories. Thieves see the massive amounts of housing that has been created as a bonanza, easily monitored for weaknesses and patterns of times when people are not home. Criminals can watch entire streets very easily to see when people regularly come and go, and then simply pick the weak targets to break in.

maxresdefault.jpgSecurity systems only go so far as a preventative measure, and generally a security system is easily beaten by a criminal who knows what they are doing. The lag time in between when the alarm is set off and the call to police from the security company gives them about 5 minutes in the home before they would worry about police showing up. This translates to very few actual arrests during the robbery, and generally results in simple videos of the crime taking place. While this may seem like something positive for home owners, the security cameras rarely result in anyone being identified. Most security measures simply document the crime that has happened. The best way to approach the situation is to prevent the entry into the home beforehand.

Security cameras and systems do not prevent entry into the home. This is only accomplished through the installation of devices that make entry more difficult. A perfect example of this is iron security doors and gates, which take the existing portions of a home that present soft targets, and then make them more difficult to break through. A window presents an easy access point because glass is easily broken. A wood door presents and easy target because they are simple to kick through, and will break with only minimal pressure applied. Even if several deadbolts are installed, the doors break from the hinges when kicked in. This makes it quite easy to breach, and only when fortified from the outside are they more secure. An iron security door is mounted outside the wooden door, and makes it nearly impossible to kick or push your way through. For this reason, a criminal would need a blowtorch or a saw to get through the thick iron, generally making the criminal decide to move on to an easier target. In Las Vegas Strip tour Vegas and other cities like it, iron security doors represent the best form of home security that you can purchase and install into their homes.

Raymond Santopietro is a Las Vegas resident and home security expert. His choice of iron security door manufacturer is All Custom Iron.