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What Makes You Eligible For Eb-5 Immigrant Investor Visa?

"Enid Watriama" (2020-04-15)

Donate-1.jpgLike any other economy in the world, U.S economy also needs wealthy people from foreign countries to invest into their markets and to make the value proposition more attractive the EB5 Immigrant Support Covid 19 investor visa program was created. The best part of the program it also offers an opportunity to become permanent resident of United States of America. This is like a wild card entry for investors to become permanent citizens though the maximum number of applicant who actually can apply for green card in 10000 with limits set for each specific country but still it is much easier option to get permanent residency.



There are actually two different ways by which one qualifies for applying in a EB-5 Immigrant Investment program but the most preferred way is the people investing into Regional centres which is an organization which runs a businesses and that creates jobs. This is the most attractive option because the investor himself is not required to establish his or her own business in this case. The dollar amount of investment is usually $500,000 instead of $1 million which is required in other cases. These regional centers need to approved and designated by USCIS so that when you invest through these centers the same get approved as per Immigrant investor program. EB 5 Visa Immigration Lawyer NYC The other mode through which one can qualify for EB-5 immigrant investor visa program is buying establishing your own business in U.S through direct investment but the minimum amount dollar investment required in this case is $1 Million.

Other than the amount of investment that is to be made and mode of investment somebody would qualify for the EB5 Immigrant investor program subject to the condition that the investor proves that source of the fund through which the investment is made is a legal one. As an applicant, USCIS holds the right to ask for evidence such as salary, investment, sale of lawfully obtained assets, gifts or inheritance which shows that the source of the funds used in the investment is lawful.

Another important parameter for your investment to qualify under the EB5 Investor visa program is the business should employ at least 10 full time workers and which produce a product or deliver a service and which benefits U.S Economy. On the other if one is investing through regional center the benefit that one gets even temporary employees or contracted service providers to also be considered. Immigration law Firm NYC Help foreign investors obtain EB-5 investor visasThe basic guidelines which an investor should if they want to invest in US enterprises through EB-5 Visa

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