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From an Immigrant to a World Bank President Nominee

"Jasper Sweet" (2020-04-15)

Anybody who has been keenly following the current affairs of the world will have no difficulty in recognizing the name of Dr. Jim Yong Kim. He is one of the three nominations to the prestigious seat of the President of the World Bank. It has always been customary for the World Bank to have a US national as its head. However this year seems to be slightly different from the traditional way. The other two nominees are not from the US and are

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is a Nigerian

Jose Antonio Ocampo is a Colombian

This change in the nominations may be due to the pressure inflicted upon by the World Bank nations to bring a Non-American as its Head.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim - Immigrant to the US

When you go down the pages of the early life of Dr. Jim, you will be quite surprised to see that he was an Asian immigrant to the US. He was born in Seoul, South Korea but immigrated to the US when he was a 5 yr. old kid, along with his family. His parents were renowned scholars in their respective fields in the US - his father taught dentistry and mother had a doctorate in philosophy. He soon became eligible to file in his citizenship application and became a proud, US citizen.

Bright Student

Kim had earned many credits to himself when he was a student itself. He earned a medical degree from the Prestigious Harvard Medical School. This immigrant scholar added another feather to his cap by getting a doctorate in Anthropology from Harvard.

Kim and the health care system

He was the brain behind the founding of Partners in Health, which was involved in revolutionary health care programs in the Haiti in the 1990's. These programs were structured in a way so as to provide effective treatment to a large population of patients who were poor. Kim was the Executive director of this Organization but he quit this post in 2003 to join WHO (World Health Organization).

His contribution to the Health care system was very important during his tenure in the WHO. He administered the HIV /AIDS initiatives of the Who in developing countries. Many AIDS patients of countries like Asia and Africa were greatly benefitted by these programs under the able leadership of Dr. Kim. His lectures were a regular feature in the Harvard School.

Kim as the President of the Dartmouth College

Kim assumed office as the 17th President of the Dartmouth College in March 2009. He was actually the first African- American to head an Ivy League School. He gathered a great support from the college to aid the victims of the Haiti Earthquake.

Kim's Principles

He advocated his students to follow the four P's - "Find your Passion, be Persistent in achieving mastery, Pursue knowledge in a way that works best for you and embrace the Planet's Problems, because no one will be prepared to fix them than you."

President nominee for the World Bank

The whole world was surprised when Kim was nominated by the US president, as there were so many others who were seen as possible entries. There are chances for him to win this post because of his Immigrant Support Covid 19 background.

Since the beginning of the World Bank in 1944, it has always been Americans who enjoyed this top authority. It has been a long time complaint of many countries to turn over this tradition and give the chance to another country. Considering Kim' background and service, it is very much likely that his nomination will be appreciated. However, all these are just assumptions and the truth will be out only after April 21, 2012.

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