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Mum reveals how she keeps her walls clean using fabric softener

"Todd Cremean" (2020-04-21)

An Australian mum has revealed how she uses fabric softener to clean her filthy walls at home - and found she isn't the only one.

The woman mixed a quarter of a cap of fabric softener with a bucket of warm water and washed her walls with the solution. 

'Have been reading lots [about] people cleaning their walls with fabric softener to make them smell nice. I gave it a go, and I'm hooked,' she wrote on Facebook.

'Walls look amazing and it smells so good - every room is like walking through a field of roses. Can't recommend it enough,' she said.  

An Australian mum has revealed how she uses fabric softener to clean her filthy walls at home - and she isn't the only one (stock image) 





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Another mother also uses the product for the same job, and shared before and after pictures online showing how she removed marks and dirt from doors she 'hadn't cleaned properly since painting the house six years ago'. 

'Who would have guessed these doors are actually white. I used fabric softener, a stiff brush and a bit of water in a bucket. Scrub like mad, wipe down with damp cloth and repeat,' she wrote on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group. 

She said she lives in a mining town so there is dust everywhere and the doors hadn't been scrubbed in six years. 

Another Australian mum also revealed how she uses fabric softener to clean the filthy doors at home (left before and right after)

The adaptability of such household items was demonstrated by another mother who shared a picture to Facebook showing how she used supermarket-bought shaving foam to clean in and around her toilet.

The woman posted before and after photos to the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, saying the foam should soak for about 30 minutes before it is wiped off with a mop.

This comes after a woman revealed how she uses a supermarket-bought shaving foam to clean her bathroom

Other women who tried it said they found it to be very effective, particularly at removing the smell of urine.

'The only thing that removes wee smell. It's a must for mums with boys!' one mother wrote.

'Definitely works.... it gets rid of the urine smell and marks on the tiles... just don't let it dry... I do mine every week,' another commented.

Some of the women who tried the trick warned not to leave the foam for too long, as it can harden and become difficult to remove.