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Students in New South Wales will return to school for one day a week

"Alisia Medina" (2020-04-21)

Students in New South Wales will gradually return to school with temperature checks in term two.

west <strongvirginia<\/strong> film office" style="max-width:440px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">From May 11, students will be asked to attend school for Maryland office cleaning one day a week with schools implementing a roster system to decide which pupils attend on which day.

This will then build up to two days a week and then three days a week. 

The aim is to have all students back on campus every day by the start of term three on 21 July. 

Students in New South Wales will return to school for one day a week during term two, Gladys Berejiklian (pictured) announced today

'We hope we'll be in a position to have students going back to school in a full-time capacity by term three,' Ms Berejiklian said this morning.

Learning from home will continue on days that students are not at school. 

'Will it be the same as kids going to school under normal circumstances? No, it won't,' the Premier said. 

Ms Berejiklian said there will be extra hand sanitiser around schools and extra clearing of classrooms and playground equipment.





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She also said children could have their temperatures checked if they look sick.

'Schools will also have capacity for temperature checks where they think it's appropriate,' she said.

New South Wales recorded only six new cases on coronavirus on Monday, and no new deaths. 

It comes as the fate of Virgin Australia remains up in the air. 

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has rejected calls for the federal government to buy a stake in the airline which is expected to go into administration.

Up to 15,000 jobs are at risk, with the federal government resisting the company's plea for a $1.4 billion bailout loan.

Senator Cormann says the government wants to see two airlines remain in Australia.

He believes administration can find a sustainable private-sector solution to the company's future.

'The government is not in the business of owning an airline,' the finance minister told ABC News Breakfast on Tuesday.

'But we do want to see two airlines continue and we believe that the opportunities (are) there out of the administration process for that to happen.'

Administrators will look at ways to save the business including restructuring debt as private equity firms circle sparking hopes of a sale.

Labor wants Prime Minister Scott Morrison to save Virgin through extending or guaranteeing lines of credit and taking an equity stake.