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Internet users in case of covid-19

"Carolyn Presler" (2020-04-22)


image.php?image=b5woods014.jpg&dl=1There are very important for knew about covid-19. It stands for corona virus diseases. These are very danger virus which is very harmful for human. Due to this virus human or animals takes difficulty to carry out or in air of lungs. In other words lungs are not work due to difficulty of this virus.

This virus is very harmful so, it also impacts the life of thousands of worlds humans. Thousands of humans lost his life every day in world. Now thats time America or United States is the center place of it who is modern technology and most powerful state. After this Italy and china was the second country of which they has affected from it.

Now a days Pakistan and other countries are affected from it. Total countries of the worlds are 218 where 200 around countries or states are much affected from it. Due to this reason world health organization (WHO) is order to lockdown every person to stay at home. So that, no more peoples are affected from it.

Due to this disease everyone has lock down in his home and safe from the virus. But there are some issues which will destroy us. First, issue is that poverty. This is a special issue which falls down us. So, it is a special case. What the peoples will do if he has no back up or money? So, I think it is a special case. But it can solve when these disease are finish.

Maybe it possible the peoples are living without eating or drinking. So, it means that our feature and current both are in danger. This danger are very important for us to solve it as it possible because if the number of peoples are increases which are also affected from virus there is no ways to save life of these peoples because no vaccine is prepared for it due to this time. In other hand if the number of poor persons increases which means poverty increase it means peoples are died due to we have no foods.

But there is a one reason that can save it. This is a online or digital marketing. This is very important for us because it is only the one method who can save us and our daily 50% market is depend upon it. So, it means that we have only one market remains that which is not affected from it.

Now a days uses of internet in a present days have increase about 15%. About 50% parsons are free in his own home. In this persons, many are those who have owns internet and use these type of special internet. These peoples are free in owns home and use internet for entertainment. It means that the use of internet has no benefit but we can take it.

We can also per mote our business through this network. Now buy instagram followers UK to create this type of network from uses it. It is much important for us. In this way, our business will move on digital market and our studies will moves on digital or web. In return our all institutes will grow in digital or websites. This is cheap, best, good and fast ways to get progress a business.

This is only the way which can we dont died from poverty and our business or market grow 50%. It means half market work but no loss is done. Just we cant upgrade it. We can upgrade it by  buy instagram likes UK which is second prefer able method to grow our business on digitally. There are many others ways which will do this work but this is special, proper and good method. So, always follow this method to achieve your market online when many of problems are faces.