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Cricket in England and Wales suspended until at least May 28

"Abigail Rehfisch" (2020-04-23)

‘It doesn't make sense to restart our league behind closed doors. I know they are very fit, but they are still humans.  But if it's not safe for fans how can it be safe for players, kitmen, referees, technical staff, selected press etc? That would suggest it's still not safe for fans.

'In Spain there are dozens of players who have tested positive for the virus, while in Italy many maybe haven't been tested and could be carrying it without symptoms,' said the ex-Roma and Italy midfielder.

"Cricket is low down on the list of priorities for the nation, but it was good there was a bit of clarity from the ECB. What they will have to do is prioritise the financial decisions in all this - Make a Website Test match cricket, white-ball cricket.

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As hospitals raced to convert operating theatres into intensive care wards and begged vets to hand over ventilators normally used for pets, Mr Johnson pleaded with the public to reduce social interaction, even with their mothers.

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Where does all that energy go, and with no matches to talk about, what are fans doing? But now there is zero live action. While Italy might not be the only place on Earth that lives football this way, there aren't many on its level.

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ECB chief executive Tom Harrison, said: "During this period of deep uncertainty it is the ECB's first priority to protect the wellbeing of everyone within the cricket family, from players to fans and colleagues across the game.

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The immediate focus is on options for cricket in June, including the three-Test series against West Indies, the Vitality Blast and England Women's schedule against India, with the ECB determined to prioritise delivering as much international and domestic action as possible.

"This is an extremely challenging time for us all and with an impact on cricket inevitable, the sport must put the safety of everyone involved at the forefront of all decisions," Duckett told the official Derbyshire website.

"Cricketers, groundsmen, clubs, umpires - anyone involved in the professional game - would have just wanted some kind of clarity and date to work to," Hussain, now a pundit and broadcaster, told Sky Sports.

Britons across the UK today flocked to beaches and parks up and down the country to take a stroll with their loved ones for Mother's Day, despite social distancing advice from the government surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Critically, we can also remain as flexible and adaptable as possible, within the obvious restrictions we face. "This also allows us time to keep pace with a fast-moving situation and continue to plan for how a revised season might look.

Times like this call for the ‘retro button' and several papers, including the Gazzetta dello Sport and their website, are publishing fascinating stories about past events. Last weekend Sky showed Italy games from the 2006 World Cup. Scandals, unsung heroes and great moments. National pride spiked across the Peninsular. Television is doing its part.

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