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Now schools are closed, be a craft wizard and make your own Hogwarts

"Reyna Layh" (2020-04-23)

Australians slam 'scumbag' hoarder who stripped shelves... Shocking photos show Woolworths shelves stripped of... Why Australia's coronavirus crisis is NOT caused by the... Rolls of toilet paper are seen on supermarket shelves...

While it's a great tool to help you stay connected with family, maybe you should limit the use of WhatsApp groups if you're in any, or even gracefully bow out of them altogether. Stick to trusted sites such as NHS England (, Public Health England and the Government website ( Such groups are often full of unreliable ‘he-said-she-said' commentary and will only fuel panic. And what about WhatsApp?

Panic buying has resulted in  supermarkets left stripped of toilet paper, pasta, rice and frozen food, as well as tinned and other dried goods. Pictured: a frustrated man trying to buy toilet paper in a Melbourne Woolworths supermarket

And to the wider community for pulling together with us during such unprecedented times.' She added:  'I also want to give my personal thanks to every single partner for their extraordinary efforts, I am truly grateful.

But all supermarkets have said nothing is going to run out, it's just that there's huge demand. A sea of empty shelves appears almost apocalyptic. If you're tempted to join in panic-buying, limit yourself to one unnecessary item per shop. A common source of stress at the moment is trips to the supermarket.

This should make the card malleable enough to roll it lengthways into a large cylinder. Tape the ends together with masking tape, and repeat with the three other oblong cards. You should now have four large turrets.

There is no denying that the current situation is deeply concerning - but view it as a much-needed opportunity to catch up on sleep, a time to reconnect with families, build connections with neighbours and get involved in community outreach.

STEP TWO Use your third box to cut three oblong sized pieces of card, from which to make your three biggest turrets. My oblongs are 20in by 16in.  They should be taller in width than the height of the box you've cut the corners out of.

This will add to a sense of ownership over a portion of space. Split the housework and have a strict schedule of who does what, in which room, and when. There is a way to live peacefully, even while on top of one another. Assign a different space in the house for each person during the day.

Use the left­over cardboard from the first box to cut out another same sized oblong for your fourth turret. With a craft cutter, scour vertical lines, 1 cm apart, along the length of one of your oblong pieces of card. 

The company, which opened its first store in 1864 on Oxford Street in London, was recently thrown into turmoil after its first female boss was sacked and staff feared loss of their annual bonus amid warnings of 'significantly lower' profit.

Speaking at the latest daily press briefing from Downing Street this afternoon, he said: 'We recognise that this is a challenging time and there are many things the government is asking the nation to do differently as we work together to fight this pandemic.

Design finalised, I rope in Rosie and Felix to help. Without blowing my own bugle, I think we do well. And if I can build a castle that entertains little minds for longer than it takes me to sip a glass of sauvignon blanc, anyone can. 

‘We have only a modest four-bedroom house and it's chaotic at the best of times,' says Katy, a PR executive. Yet she has been pleasantly surprised at how she and husband Ross, 37, an IT manager, have dealt with the extraordinary situation.

The one in three Britons who are already living with a mental health problem will now be faced with adjusting to video appointments with counsellors and anxiety about access to their life-saving medication.

When the Government's self-isolation rules were extended to 14 days for entire families, mother-of-four Katy Walton from Bath, left, wondered how she'd cope. Katy and her husband have two sets of twins under the age of 11 Www.Seozimma.Org - Make A Website all boys.

I look at Twitter to find out what's happening. Nine out of every ten tweets I see at the moment are about Covid-19. Another important thing to consider at this time is our use of social media. But never does it give my brain the sense of reassurance it is craving.

Eighty-nine more people tested positive for the virus in Wales, bringing the number of cases to 280. Two more people also died, a 75-year-old and a 98-year-old who both had underlying health conditions. 

Remember, you are not alone in this. You could collect shopping for a neighbour, or phone a long-lost, lonely relative. Studies show that volunteering is an effective mood-booster. Organisations such as Next Door, Meet Ups UK and local council websites will have a list of a variety of initiatives designed to help isolated individuals at this time.

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