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The Many Advantages of Using Larson Storm Doors

"Kaylee Collado" (2020-04-27)

In the past, it was customary that homes be built with storm doors. Storm doors are a second set of doors that are placed exposed on the outside of a house. Today, however, people might think that having a set of secondary doors is a waste of money or isn't necessary. However, storm doors are just as necessary to a home today as they were years ago. The fact of the matter is: having Larson storm doors can provide the homeowner multiple benefits.

Safeguarding Against the Weather

The main function of storm doors is to guard the main front door Blizzard from wind, rain, sun and snow. Larson storm doors are secondary doors that are placed in front of your actual front door. A basic storm door consists of a screen and two glass panels. Due to its location, it will block the true front door from exposure to nasty weather elements and other potential intrusions. This is a more practical solution than having to change your front door from time to time. It is cheap and easy to install. In fact, you might say a storm door protects both your front door and your wallet.

Increased Safety

Larson storm doors also offer homeowners an added level of security for their homes. These doors usually incorporate dead bolt locks so that you can secure your storm door from the inside; not allowing access to any potential threat. An added feature is the fact that the storm door allows a homeowner to open the main door while maintaining a layer of safety between themselves and the visitor. This makes it possible to see who it is and find out what they want, while still standing securely behind the storm door barrier. You may have noticed a recent increase in home invasion robberies, where intruders force their way inside when someone answers a knock at their door. Storm doors help to protect homeowners from being vulnerable to this type of home invasion attack. This characteristic is quite possibly one of the most significant aspects of storm doors.

Environmentally Kind

Larson storm doors are also a very energy efficient asset to your home. The doors can assist any homeowner wishing to have a more environmentally friendly house, or one which requires less electricity. The doors help by permitting you to leave your main doors open at the front and back of the home, fostering better air circulation and cooling in warm weather. In addition, allowing the main front door to remain open will provide extra light in the house. Because of the storm door, you will not have to worry about the outside elements. Equipped with screen and glass sections, light and air may flow freely, but insects, rain, hail, and extraneous nuisances are kept at bay. Further, the glass panes in Larson storm doors reduce heat transfer from one extreme to another. Thus, you will have extra help in maintaining heat during the winter, which will reduce your energy bill.

These are just a few of the benefits provided by Larson storm doors, helping you to reduce your utility bills, as well as to increase security and protection for your home. Storm doors are a low-cost solution that can benefit a home in many ways.