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Great, Unique Touches for your Event

"Danilo McVilly" (2020-04-28)

It is important when getting an event; from a wedding to a shower to a birthday party; that you make that event your own (or at least particular to the one that you are honoring).  Adding small touches through out the event will help make the event truly unique.

Make Your Event Unique

1.    Create hospitality baskets for all the visitors.  Have the hotels put them in the guest rooms before the people show up or question them to see if you can do it.  Include news about the event, brochures about the region, DMV african a map, phone numbers for you and other locals involved with the program, food and other items that focus on the event (soaps for a shower, lace handkerchief for a wedding). 
2.    Isolate the person that event is sponsoring.  Have pictures and special moments of their past displayed around the room where the event happens.  Ask visitors to sign one particular display or have a  guest where guests can sign and leave special thoughts about the person and about the event.
3.    Remember the little ones.  Have a special gift bag for children that will include (quite) items that will help keep them amused.   You may also want to mull over hiring a sitter for the children and having a special place set up within the event that is just for them.
4.    Honor those that are showing up your event by giving them a piece of the event.  Have something printed or make something that accurately represents the proceedings.  Use minute picture frames for the place cards at the tables and have someone taking pictures of all the attendees that can be printed and handed to them before they go home.

It is often the little touches that make the proceedings most great.  Put some thought and creativity into your event planning and you will give those showing up something worth adding to memory.