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Ben McKenzie brings out his rugged sex appeal during fashion shoot

"Jarrod Maltby" (2020-05-02)

Ben McKenzie was a handsome choice for the October 2014 cover of Bello magazine.

It gave the 36-year-old actor a chance to flex his masculine allure following the highly rated premiere of his new series Gotham on Monday.

Ben, who plays Detective James Gordon in the show, assumed a tough guy stance and smouldered too in a grey button-down Matiere shirt with short, cuffed sleeves allowing glances at his muscly biceps.

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Magnetic charm: Ben McKenzie displayed his rugged appeal in the October 2014 issue of Bello magazine 

The Texas native - who is apparently single - was also seen in an accompanying behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot that included an interview and an amazing wardrobe.

Ben wore a dark knit jumper over a shirt and dark jeans at one point while leaning against a railing, a city skyline providing an interesting backdrop.

Other scenes featured the former O.C. star standing back in a pale trench coat over dark clothing, while another saw Ben wearing a dark trench coat over a white shirt and dark jeans.

Tall Texan: The Austin, TX native modeled some handsome fashions for guys too in a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot

He's a tough one: Ben gave the camera one of his most piercing looks

Hot in the city: The 36-year-old actor shrugged on a white trench coat over dark clothing


The actor spoke at length about his role in the new Fox show, which debuted with eight million viewers on Monday, in the interview with Bello, which will be available on website and website on September 30.

The gathering of fans at Comic-Con International in July was already an indication that Ben and the screening of Gotham were a must-see attraction.

'It was really to get down there and interact with them on a personal level,' Ben said of his fans at the annual entertainment convention.

On a ledge: Ben relaxed in cuffed jeans and blazer against a realistic background of telephone wires

Mr. Cool: The former O.C. star plays Detective James Gordon in the new Fox show Gotham

Highly rated: Ben spoke about his new Batman prequel series Gotham - which premiered on Monday and garnered eight million viewers - in Bello's behind-the-scenes video

Staying true: Gotham, Ben said, retains 'the mythology of the Batman DC comics universe'

Gotham, he said, 'has to stay true to the spirit of the show... to the overall mythology of the Batman universe. At the same time it's an origin story so we're given some leeway to take a different angle on it.

'We're seeing these characters that we all think we know but we're seeing a them in a chapter of their lives that we're not familiar with, 20 or 40 years before they become the villains or the heroes.'

The show has some familiar bad guys and gals that hardcore Batman fans should appreciate.

Hanging out: Ben got a chance to goof off like an average guy during the photo-taking session

Time out: A make-up specialist did some last-minute touch-ups to Ben's face

Flex appeal: Ben got to show off his sculpted biceps as well in a cuffed button-down shirt

'In the pilot you see the future Riddler, the future Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and young Bruce Wayne,' McKenzie said. 'Let's just say we're not shy about unspooling them. In almost every episode, there will be a major villain.'

And these villains are 'more grounded. They don't have super powers,' Ben promised.

And there will be some new malevolent bookstore movers and shakers added to the series including Jada Pinkett Smith as gangster boss Fish Mooney.

'She's playing a real baddie, a fun, sort of sexy, malevolent force,' McKenzie revealed. 

Real villains: Ben said the show includes the Riddler, the Joker, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and a few new baddies who are 'more grounded. They don't have super powers'

The Wayne connection: The actor's Detective James Gordon character promises to find out who killed Bruce Wayne's parents that will 'lead him down some really dark paths' 

'There's a strong cop element to it as well, Jim and Harvey are solving cases pretty much every week.

'Jim is assigned the case of the Wayne murders and that brings him into contact with Bruce. He promises he's going to solve the case and little does he know that that's only going to lead him down some really dark paths and interact with some pretty dark characters.

'I think it's fun dark as compared to merciless dark,' Ben said with a laugh, adding that Gotham echoes a Tim Burton-directed Batman with sexy undertones.

Star is shining: Ben suited up nicely for the September 15 premiere of Gotham in New York City