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Gorilla Playsets – Breakdown of Models

"Alexis Ricketson" (2020-05-19)

Did you contemplate buying a swing set in the spring or summer and did not make the purchase? If so, consider purchasing wooden swing sets in the fall, as this might be the right time for you to buy. Why you my ask? Now that the season is coming to an end there are fantastic deals in the stores. For example, you might consider buying a swing set installers set that is a display model, which should offer a tremendous discount. If you reside in a climate where the weather is extremely hot during the summer months and felt the children might not use the playset, then the fall is the time to buy. Children play on outdoor equipment during the fall and even winter months. There is a lot of play value when it comes to entertaining kids in the backyard.



One fantastic line of wooden swing sets is the brand Gorilla Playsets. This is one company who offers top of the line, do it yourself kits. Gorilla Playsets offers several lines of playsets to choose from. This article will focus on the their line and some of the basic differences between them.



Congo Series



The Congo Series, which are the smallest units they offer, include 3 models and will take up the least amount of space in your yard. The Congo line is perfect if you have a small yard or space for building. Two of these models only have swings and no slides while the Congo Outing features a small fort with a slide and swings.


1. Outing II - Basic swing set with three swings, fort, slide and rockwall.

2. Swing Station - Basic A frame design with three swings.

3. Tire Swing Station - Basic A frame design with one 360 degree tire swing.


Blue Ridge Series



The next line is the Blue Ridge series, which has 6 models to choose from. This line is made from a combination of maintenance free, green coating lumber that has timber shield protective poly coating on the main support beams, and cedar which is hand selected and factory stained. The stained wood will require maintenance as outlined in the manufacturers handbook. The Blue Ridge series features green slides, rockwalls with rope, climbing rope ladder, two swings, one trapeze bar, picnic table, tic tac toe spinner panel and wood roofs except for the Overlook model which has a green tarp over the play fort. This basic set consists of a three position swing beam, slide and fort with wood roof. The Blue Ridge Chateau is the basic model that this line starts with and then additional features are added as outlined below.


1. Blue Ridge Chateau II - Basic Model

2. Blue Ridge Frontier - Basic Model with extra swing beam to support the turbo tire swing with swivel.

3. Blue Ridge Pioneer Peak - Basic Model with Clatterbridge attachment and extra swing beam to support the turbo tire swing with swivel.

4. Blue Ridge Mountaineer - Basic Model with extra slide, Radical Ride II tube slide.

5. Blue Ridge Overlook - Basic set except it has a marine-grade vinyl canopy and does not come with the following: tic tac toe spinner and wood roof.

6. Blue Ridge Riverview - Basic set with the additional upper level clubhouse with working palladian style shutters, plus an extended built-in picnic table. 



Big Skye Series


The Big Skye series is the largest line they offer and it comes with two variations. The difference between the Big Skye I and the Big Skye II is the 14' commercial grade scoop slide, which is only available on the Big Skye II. Like the Blue Ridge line, this series also features cedar wood that is factory stained in an amber finish. Plus the support beams along with the A frame legs are made of Maintenance-free lumber, green in color, with timber shield protective poly-coating. One benefit of this is the kids should not get splinters. The stained wood will require maintenance as outlined in the manufacturers handbook. Both units offer a tongue and groove wood roof, which is stained, and has aesthetically pleasing sunbursts, dormers, and chimney.


1. Big Skye I - two slides

2. Big Skye II - three slides