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"Susanne Keiser" (2020-07-15)

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168 - 2012 Jason Kipnis vs. 180 - 2012 Tim Federowicz vs. Winner: Federowicz. Congratulations, Federowicz, Wolf Hall Season 1 on dvd you've made the workforce. I'm sorry, Federowicz, I'm gonna have to cut ya. I have already got a destination or Jamestown tv show two in mind for Delhi Crime Season the playing cards that didn't make the cut. That’s a redneck." Alright, so the Byrds could have cut the definitive take on this one, but they never let themselves have this a lot fun in the studio. If I might get even more insider-y for a second … If it weren't for the regulars on this blog, I wouldn't have been capable of get the entire Northeast corner! That is to say, it was more than just OTAY. Our tour was eleven hours lengthy and by the top of the day we must have walked six of extra miles in ninety nine diploma temperatures! IMAGO being his favourite mistaken answer of the day for that GHOTI puzzle final week … and right here it malapopped into this one at the moment!

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