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Banana Moon Studio : October 2020

"Michal Newby" (2020-08-16)

Second lap better than first; finally felt warmed up after about 25 miles. At this point I felt targeted, was anyone just watching my house 24/7 to catch me on something? Sheep near P's house finally getting used to me - no shrieks of dismay either time I go past. Short ride on Capitol Bike Trail from there to Lakeside St. Coffee House. Top this with a longer duster style jacket, back a longer riding jacket or even an oversized men's style button down shirt and your leggings and you look ready to ride out to any type of event or activity. No jacket or tights - great sense of freedom. Stop after several miles to remove arm warmers, but keep jacket and tights on. Have camera but actually prefer to keep rolling rather than stop and take photos (must be something wrong with me - could I be developing a training conscience?). Didn't stop me from posing Tallulah all over the store.

Turned out to be something from bloated corporate dairy farm on the road to Madison - they'd been spraying something nasty over their fields. Hope to be on the road tomorrow but forecast unpromising. Forecast now revised to "scattered thunderstorms" but weather looks perfectly acceptable to me. In fact, the cost is so high now that it soared high above the cost of many other types of attacks. Let us consider the rights of a person who committed a simple crime, such as jaywalking, and let us use the above illustrated example of this criminal -- who is only a "criminal" by definition of a person who has broken the law. Also try to catch a shot of Marsh Marigold before it's covered by rampaging dock. Dock flourishing in marshes, also yellow flowers - just looked them up and find they are Marsh Marigold (charming name) - very cheery and upstanding.

Heliopsis and wild sunflower very profuse, goldenrod coming on strong (boo hiss!), plenty of milkweed and euphorbia corollata (or flowering spurge - can't decide which name I like least - spurge sounds so unpleasant, but so does euphorbia as for some reason I associate it with poison. The stitches also line up completely unlike in regular single crochet where they are arranged more like roof tiles. The third loop is required for "camel crochet." It has also been called the hump, bump, nub, lower loop, back-back loop, and lower horizontal bar of the single crochet (sc in the US; double crochet or dc in the UK and Australia). The hair color varies on a large scale, from brown-grey to dark-brown, while sometimes it can be almost black; some of the brown bears, especially the younger ones have white spots on the neck, called collar or back bead, which in reality isn’t an enclosed circle. At the center, the patient will be treated with procedures and techniques to manage their pain that a general practitioner may not have access to or training to, which may include surgery. Compare this to vendor lead time and consider how many weeks it will take for the item to get back into stock?

Enjoyable article - it all seems rather sad particularly seeing how useful facilities have been allowed to decay to the point that everything will eventually have to go. We can see the stars better at night, and have so many dead branches lying around that we start a fire in our fire pit a couple times every week and sit around the fire at night. See daffodils and hyacinths in someone's yard. In a grey iron casting, you can see little black flakes of graphite. Could see rain falling to north, south, east and west, like grey veils. If you’re washing your clothes with products that contain harsh ingredients, your skin may have a negative reaction to it, which could lead to more back breakouts than you’d like to deal with. "It is this ghettoization I have a problem with," she said. I'm a lucky guy, I have no problem admitting that. Have great plans for riding trainer again after work - ha ha.