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You Are More Than Just a Maid

"Reed Goodman" (2020-03-30)

I got the idea for this article one day as I watched an older sitcom on TV. In the program a man was really pouring on the charm as he sought to create a relationship with a woman who was a housemaid. He thought that her self esteem needed to be boosted because when he met her and asked her what was her occupation her answer was that she was just a maid. He made it his duty to give her a better impression of who she actually was and the job that she did.During the program she asked him why he was doing so much for her and he answered that he wanted her to understand that she was more than just a maid.Now this is my saying to you today. You are more than just a maid. Every one wants to look at life through his or her eyes. So the thing which is important to me may not be important at all. We are a status conscious people but social status tells nothing about character. The doctor 무료 드라마 다시보기 is not necessarily a good person because he or she is a doctor. Neither is the lawyer, or the judge for that matter. They have a role to play because we as people tend to worship those who have a high position or ranking in life. They have to be perceived as something special but they put their pants on one leg at the time just like any other person in the world.Each and every person and position is necessary in life. It takes a myriad of colors to make a rainbow. it takes all types and occupations to make up the world. When I was stationed in Korea I was joking with a cab driver and told him that he was number ten. This is a term to denote a no good person in Korea. When you tell a person that he is number one you are telling him that he is a good person. Anyway the cab driver just shrugged his shoulders and said three words, "Somebody supposed to." What he meant was that if there were no such people there would be no such term.We need maids and janitors, and garbage men, and repair men, and doctors, and politicians, and judges. Don't allow your job title or occupation to give you problems with your self esteem. Even if you happen to be homeless remember that there are homeless people who have much more character than some men who are presidents of large nations.There is absolutely no reason for society to put anyone down. When you see this it is because there is someone who needs to feel superior to other people. The only reason that people put you down is to make themselves feel good.

Now, if you are truly confident about who you are you will not need to make anyone feel inferior. Confident people are not challenged by others because there is no doubt in their minds about who they are. They don't define themselves by what you think or do. This is also one of the qualities of a true leader. A true leader has a plan and a purpose that he or she is focused on and they will not allow circumstances or drama to pull them away.The answer to the question of how you perceive yourself seems to lie within you. Even if you are the maid you are more than a maid. There are talents that you have that no one on earth can match. Find out what they are and develop them. You are more than a maid. The Good Life

The Good Life