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Copywriting Tips: The 1 Mistake New Copywriters Make

"Pat Neely" (2020-07-24)

6140801489_1c5c28217e_b.jpgCopywriting works. We all know that the power of persuasion is very suited to all forms of communication and especially the power of the written word. It does not matter if you are creating a direct mail piece, an article online like this, a brochure or blog post if you focus your writing on this one area I guarantee your results will start to improve.
The good news is if you do anything online concerning your business this copywriting training courses;, tip will help you connect with your audience at a whole new level. Pity that many new copywriters totally miss this gem. What is it? People have desires. Yes it is as simple as that. Discover the key desires of your market and speak into them and you will create a loyal following of fans.
How many are there? It depends which book you read. I usually base it around twenty five key desires. Here is one for you that I find works a charm. That is the desire to be efficient. This works particularly well for business owners and entrepreneurs. In honesty we all want to be efficient, save time, get focused, make things happen, make more money faster, you get the general picture.
So how can you use this in your copywriting? Easy Identify for your market what being efficient might look sound and feel like. Take a piece of paper and write down everything and anything that comes to mind about that particular topic. Then list these into different sections. Some might be around time, some focus.
Then here is a little copywriting secret. Tell people about the benefits of being efficient, follow this with some evidence around efficiency and what it might mean for them and their family (hint this is another key desire most people have). Then in your copywriting highlight a couple of ideas about how they could become more efficient. A couple of simple tips are all that is needed here. Yes they may know them already and repetition is the first law of learning.
Now if you are selling something that helps them become more efficient now might be a good time to point this out. Your copywriting before your call to action will have presold your potential new customer or client on the value of being efficient. You will have followed a structured process that is much more likely to convert. This is because you have gradually rekindled their desire again and highlighted, through your copy why it is important and what it will mean for them if they start to take action.
Ready to get started? Not sure that efficiency will work in your market. Well here a few others for you to get started with. To be sociable. You only need to look at the growth of social networking to know this is important. How about protecting the future of your family. I am sure we can all relate to this one. Here is another key one that seems to work a charm. The need to avoid embarrassment. We all know that one. It sells everything from, mouthwash, deodorants and bug spray.