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To make your traveling life only a little easier we've decided to make a handy overview of all the Red Light District charges for 2018 that you'd need to know about before visiting!

Red Light District Prices For Prostitutes 2018
The prostitutes standing in Amsterdam's window brothels routinely have a starting price of approximately 50 euros for fifteen to twenty minutes of sex. They only get it done with a condom. Red Light District prices can be negotiated at the doorway but be familiar with the fact that beginning with a low price offer is disrespectful.

Amsterdam Red Light District Prices + FAQ

If you'd like extra things or stay a little longer you'll have to pay more and the purchase price will depend on your negotiating skills and the wishes of the prostitute. Of course you can stick to the prostitute with no any sex and just talk, for these kind of services the standard price of 50 euros for fifteen to twenty minutes is maintained.

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Find out about Dutch culture, Amsterdam and the famous "Wallen" area (as all locals call it) during our super interesting walking tours with a nearby guide. We demonstrate the very best highlights and we really tell you everything about this excellent Dutch place. You are able to ask everything to the local experts. No need to be shy. Our tour guides are very open-minded and already answered all "awkward" questions.

We are proud to fairly share that our company has been around the media a great deal! Fox News & Yahoo listed us as hands down the wackiest tours in the world. The Telegraph joined our Red Light District tour with the Fokkens twins who worked as prostitutes for 50 years and titled it "Meet up with the Fokkens: the Dutch sex workers turned tour guides” ;.Lonely Planet said about our tours: "Feel like being on a great night out with a pal with good understanding of his own backyard, as opposed to on a scripted tour."

Amsterdam Red Light District Prices
One of many things that you can see in Amsterdam's Red Light District.

Prices for the best Red Light District tours
Regular Red Light District Tour € 15,00 per person
Exclusive Red Light District Tour € 30,00 per person
Private Red Light District Tour € 40,00 per person

Red Light District Audio Tour App Price
Don't feel just like joining a guided tour group? you can now explore Amsterdam's Red Light District all on your own and at any time, all you need is the smartphone and some earphones. A digital audio tour guide will show you around the region using the GPS on your own smartphone.

Amsterdam Red Light District Prices Audio Tour App

The guide will introduce one to 22 local and international experts who will show you everything required to learn about Amsterdam's Red Light District. The app provides you with the option to begin, pause or finish if you like. For more information and download options go here.

Price to discover the best Red Light District Audio Tour App