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"Israel Gloucester" (2019-07-26)

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Regarding the confirmation, sometimes one or two players just don hit the confirm button and the Host may ask you to stamp something to let know you not afk. It called tenko, and if you see everyone posting some stamp all at once, follow along. If you don the host will think you afk and kick you..

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Bathing Suits If I was you, I try to contact any mental health services or support groups as I could, explaining the situation and waiting for them to give further advice on dealing with the situation. That way you can find a humane way for him to get proper caretakers or (if it really bad like you describe) even get institutionalized at a mental hospital. Because the alternative would be that if he keeps living like this, I can imagine that one day he may hurt himself (either through neglect such as getting a minor injury from an accident and not going to the hospital and getting a life threatening infection from this, or just doing something reckless like jumping out of a window or getting into a car accident while wandering outside) or get into conflict with somebody and might end up seriously injured or even dead Bathing Suits.

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