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Bathing Suits Fundamental Narrative CCL is seeing its share price break out to record highs on both operational strength as well as recent analyst upgrades. Susquehanna recently hiked its outlook for the company on a positive view of the cruise line sector just ahead of Wave Season. The note stated that Susquehanna expects demand and pricing to pick up in the next few weeks as Wave Season kicks off, and potential guests begin to factor the lower 2018 tax rates into their discretionary spending plans. Bathing Suits

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Cheap Swimsuits This is close but a little off.When I was in big law, the salary scale for associates ranged from 160k for first years to 280k for 8th year senior associates (90% of people don make it past their 5th year, myself included). The largest bonus I ever received was $25k and there were two years when no bonuses were given out (which were made up with an extra week vacation that no one could use). The firm I worked for was ranked just outside the top 50 in a large market, whereas its safe to assume PS is a top 10 firm, given the firms they mentioned as competitors (Latham, Covington, etc), in an even larger market (NY is hands down largest legal market in the world). cheap bikinis Swimsuits

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Nutshell: We plan on owning the name. We like management in terms of how it views, runs, and explains the business. This is not the first attempt to bring this one public, and the valuation is better now with a stronger macro backdrop than it was last time around.

Tankini Swimwear Net sales for the 4 week period ended May 31, 2008, were $233.1 million, an 8% increase over net sales of $215.0 million for the 4 week period ended June 2, 2007. Total company direct to consumer net sales increased 35% to $17.3 million for the 4 week period ended May 31, 2008, compared to 2007. May comparable store sales decreased 1%.. Tankini Swimwear

Women's Swimwear Great quality of life. There are jobs, they pay pretty well, cost of living is lowish, and you can access 1 on any weekday before or after work. We live well compared to large expensive cities where everyone works 60 hrs a week to barely get by and has no escape from the grind.. Women's Swimwear

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