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Do the shopping or make the shopping which sentence is correct

"Augusta Cumming" (2019-08-22)

''do the shopping'' because you cant 'make' shopping, you can't create shopping but you can do and perform shopping

Which is correct sentence goes for shopping or goes to shopping?
Neither is correct. The correct phrase is 'goes shopping' (no for no to) He goes shopping on a Monday.

Is this sentence correct - Mother and I is are going for shopping?
No, it makes no sense in English. Here are some correct sentences: Mother and I are going shopping Mother and I will go shopping I am going shopping with my mother I and my mother are going shopping My mother and I are going shopping

Is it correct to say do the purchases the same way you say do the shopping?
That is not quite correct. We do the shopping, but we make the purchases.

Is I love shopping and especially for purses a sentence?
Not quite !... The correct phrasing would be "I love shopping, especially for purses" the word 'and' is not needed.

Find mistakes for the sentence After lunch you went to shopping?
I think I would write: "We went shopping after lunch." Or, to be even more correct: "We went shopping after we ate lunch."

Is the sentence correct-shopping is a great medicine for frustration sadness loneliness?
I realize that the 'question box' does not allow using correct punctuation, however, it does allow you to use capitals when needed. Now, the main problem is the punctuation; corrections in bold: 'Shopping is a great medicine for frustration, sadness, or loneliness.' 'Shopping is a great medicine for frustration, sadness, and loneliness.' Note: Although I've corrected the sentence, the statement made by the sentence is not correct. Shopping under those circumstances will lead a person...

How do you make a sentence with cleats?
the cleats buy in the shopping from the mom

Is the sentence you make absolute question a correct sentence in English Language?
Dogs are better then human? what ia the correct sentence

How do you make a sentence with indentaion?
The shopping cart left an indentation in the vehicle.

Is the sentence plastic is used to make these tools correct?
"Plastic is used to make these tools." Yes, the sentence is correct. It has a subject (plastic) and a verb (is used).

Is it correct sentence 'she called me when i was there'?
Using the correct capitalization and a more appropriate relative pronoun will make it a correct sentence: 'She called me while I was there'

Is it rained yesterday is this a correct sentence?
No it isn't. "Is it rained yesterday" does not make sense. It rained yesterday. - this is a correct sentence

Check if sentence is grammatically correct - The city of bankstown is the location of the regional shopping center centro bankstown?
It should read - The city of Bankstown is the location of the regional shopping centre 'Centro Bankstown'

Is don't make me destroy you a bad sentence?
This sentence is grammatically correct.

How do you use shopping as a subject in a sentence?
You use shopping as a subject in a sentence like this: "Shopping is my paradise!" or "Shopping costs a lot of money."

Which one is the correct go for shopping or go to shopping?
The correct way to phrase this would be; I'm going shopping or if your asking someone a question it would be Are you going shopping?

What is the correct way to spell shopping?
it is shopping

Is it correct grammar to say Are you done your shopping?
Correct grammar would be (present tense) "are you doing your shopping", or (past tense) "have you done your shopping".

Can you make a sentence with the word SPREE?
Here is an example: After winning the lottery, they went on a shopping spree.

You had always expected 'I will do this' is it the correct sentence?
No, it is not the correct sentence. Beacuse the form of the word "expect" was used in past tense (expected), you would have to make the verb (will) in past tence. The correct sentence is : You had always expected I would do this.

Make sentence with the animals that begin with the letter A?
Example sentence - The alligator and the antelope put their hats on and went shopping for apples at the local grocery store.

Make a silly sentence with the word town?
i went shopping in town and came back home with a clown!

How do you use discipline in sentence?
May you help me to write "discipline" in the correct sentence? how to make sense.

Can you make a senence using the word fertile?
yes and the correct way to spell sentence is "sentence"

Does every sentence have a verb?
Every grammatically correct sentence must have a verb to make sense.

Choose the homophone that will make this sentence correct?
Write it right.

How do you make essential in a sentence?
It is essential to make sure you place your question in the correct category.

What is correct at store or at the store?
The phrase at the store is correct. I am going shopping at the store. You would not say, I am going shopping at store.

Is it correct to say you go shopping to the mall?
It would be correct to say "you go shopping at the mall" or "you go to the mall to shop". It is not proper grammar to say "you go shopping TO the mall".

Is this sentence correct As the group's secretary s the group's secretary you never complained but was committed to getting the job don?
As the group's secretary........ is correct done is spelt with an 'e' at the end This will make the sentence correct.

Just John and me in the store or John and I in the store?
Both forms can be correct, depending on their use in a sentence: "John and I in the store were shopping for groceries" but "A policeman saw John and me in the store."

What is the correct past or present participle form in the sentence the plan has met or meet with opposition?
To make this sentence correct you should say "the plan has been met with opposition".

Is the sentence correct -One of mycousin has come yesterday?
No this is incorrect grammar. To make the sentence grammatically correct you should say: One of my cousins came yesterday.

Is you are prejudice grammatically correct?
No, the sentence "You are prejudice" is not grammatically correct. Prejudice is a noun, and you is a pronoun. The sentence essentially is saying that "you" are something that you can not possibly be - the noun prejudice. To make the point you're trying to make, you need an adjective to follow the verb "are." Prejudiced is the descriptive adjective form of prejudice, so the grammatically correct sentence should be "You are prejudiced."

Can you see if my sentence is correct?
The sentence, 'Can you see if my sentence is correct?', is correct.

Is 'I write You' a correct sentence?
The "Y" in you should not be capitalized and while it takes only a noun and a verb to make a sentence - which "I write you" has - it isn't a correct sentence because the tense of the verb is incorrect. "I will write you" would be a correct sentence with the correct verb tense. You could begin a sentence, albeit it sounds a bit odd, with the words "I write you" as in...

What is the impact of correct grammar?
It will make the sentence more clear and understandable.

Where do you have to use math?
Everywhere. A typicle example would be shopping. You would use maths to make sure you were given the correct change.

Make a sentence with the word drip?
The drip from the water tap got on my nerves, so I went shopping for a new washer.

Her and Aaron love to cook brunch for friends every Sunday Is that sentence correct?
No, that sentence is not correct. "Her" should be "She". Remove Aaron from the sentence. "Her loves to cook brunch for friends every Sunday." doesn't make much sense.

Is it right sentence - The present was sent me. or I was sent the present.?
"I was sent the present" is correct, passive but correct. The first sentence needs "to" before "me" to be correct--"The present was sent to me." To make the sentence active, identify who sent the present. For example, "Billy Bob sent the present to me."

Correct the sentence?
The sentence 'Correct the sentence.' is a correct sentence. The subject is implied 'you'; the verb is 'correct'; the direct object is 'sentence'; and it is a complete thought. These are all the elements required for a complete sentence.

What effect does beginning a sentence with It's have on the sentence?
The effect is to make the reader question whether the apostrophe was correct. "It's cold today so I will wear a jumper" or "It's a boy!" are correct.

Is gramatically correct to sat this people is?
That's not even a complete sentence. The words TO, 쇼핑 SAT, THIS, PEOPLE and IS can not be combined in any way to make a grammatically correct sentence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assuming the question should be Is it gramatically correct to say, "This people is..."? then it is not correct. One should say, "These people are...".

Can you use the word indiscretion in a sentence?
You can, but you need to say it in it's correct term in the sentence otherwise it'll make no sense.

Is this sentence is correct '' be human being ''?
It doesn't make any sense.

Make a sentence with the word cartographer?
We will get the correct maps from the cartographer before we sail.

Is this sentence its going to be a great night today correct?
If you capitalize the first letter of the sentence and place a period at the end, use an apostrophe for the contraction for 'it's', it is a correct sentence: It's going to be a great night today. Although correct as a sentence, it would make more sense if it said: It's going to be a great night tonight.

How are you this is correct sentence?
"How are you" is a correct sentence.

Can you make a sentence with the word accustomed?
I often went shopping with my wife, I became accustomed to her taking five hours to purchase a dress.

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